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What Are the Education Requirements to be an MRI Technician?

    As an MRI technician, you will explain the procedure to patients, take patients' medical histories, maintain imaging equipment and take diagnostic images using MRI machines. You'll work closely with doctors to determine which regions of the body need to be imaged and evaluate whether the images you take are good enough to make a diagnosis.Common Courses: Radiobiology, protection, computer imaging, interventional procedures

MRI Technologist - Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews and ...

    MRI technologists operate big tube-like machines that use a magnetic field and radio waves to make images of patients' organs, tissue and bones. These images help doctors diagnose certain medical ...6.2/10

Colleges for MRI Technologists - Learn.org

    Diploma programs are very common for MRI technologists through technical schools and community colleges. We've listed a few for you to consider. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging diploma program is offered at Forsyth Tech Edgecomb Community College offers a Magnetic Resonance Imaging diploma for imaging specialists

How to Become an MRI Tech - MTS

    Role Requirements of an MRI Tech. The gold standard to becoming an MRI tech is holding certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), but there are alternative pathways.. The minimum level of education required to become an MRI technologist (assuming they do not want to pursue ARRT certification) is an accredited certificate program from a community college or ...

Earn Your MRI Certification Search MRI Tech Schools ...

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician certificate programs are not only offered through community colleges and universities, some hospitals offer training programs. If your goal is to become an MRI Technician, an Associate degree in Radiological Technology or the completion of training as a radiological technician is necessary.

MRI Technician Schools and Programs Radiology-Schools.com

    MRI Technician Salary and Job Outlook. The salary and job outlook for MRI technicians can vary from state to state, but according to the BLS, the top-paying industries for the occupation included scientific research and development services and colleges, universities and professional schools.

Become an MRI Technician Education and Career Roadmap

    Step 1: Earn an Associate Degree. Aspiring MRI technicians will often need to graduate with at least an associate degree. MRI programs are available at the associate's degree level and will ...

Why Take MRI Programs to Become an MRI Technologist

    MRI programs are increasing in popularity as becoming an MRI technician is now a promising career. A decade or so ago, we didn’t have MRI machines. What the doctors use instead are CT scan devices that are basically very powerful x-rays. Now, with the availability of MRIs increasing, there are more job opportunities for MRI techs.

MRI Technician Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Dec 02, 2019 · Becoming an MRI technician requires some formal postsecondary education. The most common options are certificates and associate's degrees. MRI technician …

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