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12DailyPro: Overview of an Autosurf Program-turned-Scam ...

    Jun 17, 2007 · In mid-2005, Charis Johnson began operating 12DailyPro (www.12dailypro.com). 12DailyPro or 12DP, as investors called it, was an an autosurf program wherein investors were promised 12% return on their invested funds every day for twelve days. In order to receive the … 12DailyPro: Overview of an Autosurf Program-turned-Scam Read More »

Are Autosurf Sites Trying To Scam You?.html

    Here is how a legitimate autosurf program works: Advertisers pay the autosurf company x dollars per thousand impressions. (An impression is when the website is displayed in the viewer’s browser as part of the rotation.) For example, it’s not uncommon for an advertiser to pay $1 to $2 per thousand impressions.

AutoMoneySurf - Autosurf

    AutoMoneySurf is an advertising and traffic exchange program with a great opportunity to earn and get paid 3$ daily just for viewing ads. NO SPONSORING REQUIRED TO EARN. We pay your 3$ daily to your account. You can withdraw your earnings every month. It is YOUR money!

AutoSurf for Cash - Paid-To-Surf information

    AutoSurf sites information . The programs listed below are Paid to Surf programs. What you have to do to earn the money is simply to watch the ads of their advertisers for usually less than an hour daily, and they'll credit you with the money according to the amount you have in the account level and the percentages that they promise.

Earn cash for autosurfing! - YouTube

    Feb 14, 2018 · Just let the traffic exchange run and earn minutes to spent on your website views, and also earn cash and payout on paypal! ... Ref-hunters - Achim Beda's Lair 5,109 views. 6:14.


    Get PAID CASH to autosurf! Do not click till your fingers fall off! ... Do not autosurf for free! Why bother surfing just for hits to your site when you can also be getting paid money while earning hits for your site! Get HITS galore for your own web site at NO COST! Bring in …

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