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SEC shuts down 12dailypro.com

    Mar 01, 2006 · Members were told this on the company Web site, but 12dailypro also cited other revenue, including advertising and non-site investments. 12DailyPro.com is one of the busiest websites on the planet. Part of the traffic is gathered via a huge number of affiliated sites and third-party domains – such as 12dailypro.co.uk, 12dailypro.us,

Ripoff Report > StormPay Review - Clarkesville, Tennessee

    12DailyPro, in turn, is billed as an auto-surf Web agent where customers can buy online advertising and earn commissions from advertising revenue. An "auto-surfing" program is set up to generate money every time a user visits a participating Web site.

12DailyPro refunds FAQ - Pinoy Money Talk

    EXAMPLE: If an investor paid in cash of $6,000 and subsequently received cash back of $1,500 then the investor's Net Claim would be $4,500. If all of the Net Claims from all of the investors totaled $1,210,000 then the investor whose Net Claim was $4,500 would be entitled to receive .003719 % of any funds the Court determined were available for ...

Is this site a scam? - Autosurf 12dailypro.com 12dailypro ...

    The 12dailyPro site is under investigation by the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission and at least two states, said people familiar with the investigation. In recent days, amid those probes, the main payment processor for 12dailyPro, StormPay Inc., has frozen the funds it …

The StormPay and 12DailyPro Report - Part Two

    We need your help The StormPay.com And 12DailyPro.com Report (Part Two) Let's go deeper into the Stormpay / 12DailyPro querelle. So, StormPay claims that 12DailyPro might be an illegal business, after having served as a payments processor for all 12DailyPro life.

12dailypro.com - ThinkGlink

    Feb 08, 2006 · This particular auto-surf site, 12daily pro.com, promised that for every dollar you “invested,” you’d get a 12 percent return on your cash as long as you surfed through at least 12 of their websites each day. So if you put in $100, and surfed 12 websites, you’d …


    12DailyPro is a program that pays 12% a day for 12 days of whatever you deposit into your account. This includes your principal, so you'll get 3% a day for surfing just 12 sites. That's a 44% ROI plus your principal in 12 days, but you do need to surf every day or lose part of your profit.

Ripoff Report > Charis Johnson Review - All, North Carolina

    Charis Johnson 12dailypro All, North Carolina U.S.A. Phone: Web: ... "If you are currently participating in online surfing programs or riskly high-yield investment programs, the reality is 99% of these programs will fail because they are illegal, run by the unscrupulous or not meant for long term viability. ...

Oh Lord!!! Breaking News!!! 12dailypro Ponzi Scam! 6th Video!!

    Feb 06, 2006 · Divide that by the initial investment ($1), subtract 1 and multiply by 100 to get the astounding annual percentage of 5,634,651%. Source: Dean Ned C. Hill, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University.

Get paid to surf, get paid to read e-mail - GetPaid4Surf.com

    One site called Paid-Surf pays 1% daily to its visitors for 365 days. Paid-Surf is able to pay their members by collecting advertising fees and off site investments. I haven't listed more auto surf traffic exchange programs on GetPaid4Surf.com because many are scams. Some are ponzi schemes.

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