134 Cm Wakeboard Weight

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Wakeboard Size Chart - Surfertoday

    Rider Weight (lb) Shorter Wakeboard Size (cm) Longer Wakeboard Size (cm) 25-70: 111-118: 118-128: 40-85: 118-130: 130-140: 65-110: 124-134: 134-144: 70-130: 130-138

Wakeboard size chart - wakeboard buyers guide

    Rider weight in LBS: Wakeboard length in CM: Up to 85 lbs: 119 cm: Up to 105 lbs: 121 cm: Up to 130 lbs: 130-131 cm: Up to 160 lbs: 132-133 cm: Up to 180 lbs: 134-135 cm : Up to 200 lbs: 136-139 cm: Over 200 lbs: 140 cm and up

Wakeboard Sizing Chart and Buyers Guide The House Helpdesk

    Weight is the most important factor when determining wakeboard size (see chart bel0w). ... 134 – 140cm: Up to 190lbs: Up to 86kgs: 135 – 142cm: Up to 200lbs: Up to 91kgs: 138 – 144cm: 200lbs + 91kgs + ... Wakeboard Camber and Rocker.

Hyperlite Wakeboard Size Chart - Evo

    Board: Length (cm) Rider Weight (lbs) Riot Nova: 138: 140 - 190: 141: 165 - 220: 144: 175+ Riot Bio : 138: 140 - 190: 141: 165 - 220: 144: 175+ Kruz Bio: 134: 120 ...

Size Chart for CWB Wakeboards - WaterOutfitters

    Use this size chart for CWB Wakeboards for men, women and kids. Find the proper size based on board length, ability level and rider weight to ensure the best sized CWB wakeboard.

Wakeboards for sale eBay

    The size of a wakeboard is measured in centimeters, and the range typically begins at 111 centimeters and goes up to 146 centimeters, or sometimes even beyond. Anything under 118 centimeters is designed for a child under 70 pounds, and the wakeboards that are 120 or 130 centimeters long can be used by small adults (weighing less than 110 pounds ...

2008 CWB Sapphire 134 Wakeboard - BoardStop.com

    Product Description 2008 Sapphire 134 Wakeboard: ... 134 cm Weight: 7.6 lbs Rocker: 2.46" ... Rider Weight: Up to 140 Stance Width: 18.5" - 24.5" Rocker Shape: 3-stage. Customer Reviews: Review This Product – Kimberly Swinney, 06/02/2008 This is my first wakeboard and the design caught my eye! However once I was on top of the water with it, I ...

Wakeboard Size Calculator DynaWeb Calculators

    I hope you like my wakeboard size calculator. More accurate than a simple size chart, this calc lets you know your size wakeboard to use. Just enter in your specs and click CALCULATE. Of course you can use any size you want, this is merely a recommendation.

Size Chart for O'Brien Wakeboards - WaterOutfitters

    Here we offer an easy to use size chart for O'Brien Wakeboards for men and women. These size charts take into account rider weight and bo0ard length to find the proper size in a O'Brien wakeboard.

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