134 Wakeboard Weight

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Wakeboard Size Chart - Surfertoday

    Rider Weight (lb) Shorter Wakeboard Size (cm) Longer Wakeboard Size (cm) 25-70: 111-118: 118-128: 40-85: 118-130: 130-140: 65-110: 124-134: 134-144: 70-130: 130-138

Size Chart for Hyperlite Wakeboards - Wake, Paddle, Water ...

    Model: Size (cm) Rider Weight: Kruz Nova: 134: 140 lbs. and up: Kruz Nova: 139: 160 lbs. and up: Kruz Nova: 144: 170 lbs. and up: Kruz Bio: 134: 140 lbs. and up: Kruz Bio

Liquid Force Wakeboard Size Chart - Evo

    Rider Weight (Lbs) Board Length (cm) 25-70: 111-118: 40-85: 118-130: 65-110: 124-134: 70-130: 130-138: 100-170: 134-142: 150-225: 138-146: 170-250+ 142-146: 200-275+ 146

Slingshot - 2009 Recoil 134 Wakeboard - Wakeboarder.com

    Product Description Slingshot Recoil 134 Wakeboard: With the supersonic acceleration and agility of a fighter jet, the Recoil explodes off the wake to record-breaking heights. The Slingshot Recoil is for the aggressive rider who demands maximum performance for an explosive and uncompromised boost off the wake.

Wakeboard size chart - wakeboard buyers guide

    Rider weight in LBS: Wakeboard length in CM: Up to 85 lbs: 119 cm: Up to 105 lbs: 121 cm: Up to 130 lbs: 130-131 cm: Up to 160 lbs: 132-133 cm: Up to 180 lbs: 134-135 cm : Up to 200 lbs: 136-139 cm: Over 200 lbs: 140 cm and up

Hyperlite Wakeboard Size Chart - Evo

    62 rows · Board: Length (cm) Rider Weight (lbs) Riot Nova: 138: 140 - 190: 141: 165 - 220: 144: 175+ …

Ronix Wakeboard Size Chart - Evo

    Ski, Snowboard, Wakeboard, Skateboard Gear & Clothing: Enjoy Free Shipping, Low Price Guarantee, Product Reviews, Shopping Tools and a little flavor.

Wakeboard Size Calculator DynaWeb Calculators

    Recommends length of wakeboard given rider weight. Wakeboard Size Calculator (v 1.2) I hope you like my wakeboard size calculator. More accurate than a simple size chart, this calc lets you know your size wakeboard to use. Just enter in your specs and click CALCULATE. Of course you can use any size you want, this is merely a recommendation.

liquidforce.com Liquid Force

    HEADQUARTERS Liquid Force Wakeboards 1815 Aston Avenue, Suite 105 Carlsbad, CA 92008 CUSTOMER SERVICE. Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm PT [email protected]

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