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Kitesurfing Wind Range Chart First Kite - Kiteboarding

    You may want this to be the first kite you purchase since you'll get the most use out of it. For example, locals ride a 16-20m kite most of the time during the summer. (4)Chicago's Spring and Fall season brings higher winds. The frequent wind range during the spring and fall is much higher, frequently hitting the 20-25, even 30+ mph range.

Kitsurfing board and kite size calculator - Riggeek

    It is challenging to kite in less than 10 knots, regardless of kite size. It is also very dangerious to kite in more than 30 knots even with the right kite size. Gap between kites 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 kt

How Much Wind Is Needed To Kitesurf? » KitesurfingAdvice

    Jun 22, 2020 · Although the answer depends on a number of factors like your own weight and the size of the wing of your kite, wind speeds should be around 6mph minimum to get in the air. The magic number for flying a kite is between 5.7-8 mph of wind, which equates to around 5 to 7 knots, but keep in mind this will have to be higher if you’re going to ...

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    The C kite gets its shape from the kite lines, which are attached at the four corners of the kite. Bow Kite The Bow Kite is an innovative concave kitesurfing kite with an almost flat look, after being launched in the skies. Sometimes it is called "flat kite," and its shape offers a near 100 percent de-power and large wind range features.

Kitesurfing Wind Range Chart First Kite ...

    Kite Size 180 lb Rider Windrange 130 lb Rider Windrange Kite Flat Surface Area; 12: 16-28 mph: 14-22 mph (12m) 11.6m/13m: 14: 14-24 mph (14m) 12-20 mph: 13.4m/15m

Choosing the right kite size - Kitesurfing Handbook

    Weight (kg) / wind (knots) x 2.2 = size of kite you should be using; E.g. 58 kg / 16 knots x 2.2 = 7.9 so use an 8m kite.

How much wind does a kiteboarder need to fly a kite?

    11 sqm Kite: 13.2-17 Knots 10 sqm Kite: 14.8-18.4 Knots 9 sqm Kite: 16.5-20 Knots 8 sqm Kite: 18.2-22 Knots 7 sqm Kite: 20.2-24 Knots 6 sqm Kite: 22.5-26 Knots 5 sqm Kite: 24.8-28.4 Knots. In conclusion, kiteboarding is a wind sport and relies on a medium breeze to get going.

How to Select the Right Kite Size – Kitty Hawk Kiteboarding

    Small kite for higher winds (5-9m) - 20-25 mph It is also helpful to understand a few things about the sizing of kiteboarding kites. Kites are rated by their sail area, in square meters.

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