20 Meter Kitesurfing Lines

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Everything you need to know about kite lines

    The breaking strength of quality kite lines ranges between 300 kilograms (661 pounds) and 450 kilograms (992 pounds). The length of the lines varies between 9 meters and 30 meters, but the average length is between 20 meters and 27 meters.

Kiteboarding Line Lengths Explained 2020 - Slingshot Sports

    Mar 20, 2019 · The 3-meter line extensions that come stock with the Slingshot 20” Compstick are an invaluable tool that gives you the ability to change the range and performance of every kite in your quiver. They can be added or removed to the end of your lines in about a minute and they make a huge difference in how your kite performs.

Inside Lines, 2 Kite line set, 20 meters, 800lb ...

    2 line set, 20 meters, 800lb Includes two 800lb test lines intended to replace the center two lines on a bar set. For reference, Slingshot installs 500lb outside lines and 800lb inside lines on its bars. 500lb lines are available as a separate item.

Kiteboarding Control Bars & Lines

    We're proud to offer a wide variety of kite lines including major brands such as Cabrinha and Spectra kite line. Line lengths range from 14 to 20 meters with optional 2m extensions. For the best results, be sure to evaluate your bar before choosing replacement lines. Ask one of the experts at Adventure Kiteboarding if you need any help.

Line lengths kitesurfing - KiteBOARDschool.nl

    Many beginners don’t know there are different line lengths for kitesurfing. Your standard set of lines will be anywhere from 22-24 metres. Line length can make huge differences to …

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