200m Kitesurf Jump

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Watch kitesurfer complete incredible 200m jump from Exe ...

    Jan 28, 2019 · Olly Bridge completing a 200m kitesurfing jump from Exe Estuary to the sea. Olly - from Exmouth - is a full-time kitesurfer, although he also spends time working in his parents' kitesurfing shop ...Author: Howard Lloyd

Kite surfer 'jumps' 200m over sand spit in Dawlish - BBC News

    Kite surfer 'jumps' 200m over sand spit Jump to media player Professional kite surfer Olly Bridge gets the "leap of his life" in a heart-stopping 200 metre jump. 28 Jan 19.

Kitesurfing off the roof of a hotel – Kitesurfing in Cape Town

    Nick Jacobsen does a kitesurf jump into swimming pool. So a few weeks ago in the Bahamas, the water was super flat, nice steady wind, pretty much the perfect setup for a freestyle session. It was a day where you would expect to see this kind of kitesurf jump.

Kite surfer pulls off incredible 200 metre jump over ...

    Jan 29, 2019 · A British kite surfer has pulled off an incredible stunt, jumping more than 200 metres over a sandbank in Devon. 21-year-old Olly Bridge, a three …

MEGA KITING JUMP - The Longest Controlled Kiting Jump ...

    Apr 09, 2016 · This video only shows roughly 1 minute of hang time, but the total length of this jump is longer than 5 minutes. Enjoy!

WATCH: Kite surfer clear 200m jump over sand spit

    WATCH: Kite surfer clear 200m jump over sand spit Posted by Imogen Searra on 1 February 2019 Kitesurfing is an action-packed sport that combines elements of wakeboarding, skateboarding, surfing, paragliding and windsurfing.

Valdelagrana - Kitesurf Atlas

    Jun 23, 2017 · Kitesurfing courses, Kiteboarding australia, Kitesurf spots, Kitesurf lessons, Kitesurfing portugal, Kite accommodations, Kitesurfing spain, Kitesurfing holidays, Full kitesurf packages, Kitesurf camps, Kiteboarding florida, Kite Cruises, Kitesurfing schools, Kitesurfing italy, Kite Trips and Kite Safari Kitesurf Fuerteventura

Dollymount - Kitesurf Atlas

    We are now using the wooden bridge end. We got a designated kite launch area there. Please wear a kite leash. Beware of boy racers and learner drivers at the weekend. Windsurfers appear on really windy days. Kitebuggys appear when tide is out, variance of 200m. Always kiters around. Weather:

Learn to Body Drag with the Kite - Tantrum Kitesurf

    On light wind days, this can have quite an effect on the kite especially if you really jump into the body drag. It is to minimise this movement that we kneel down before starting to body drag. By lessening the distance we need to ‘fall’ forward we lessen the disruptive movement on the the kite as the lines go tense and then slacken again as ...

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