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    WELCOME TO OUR WORLD Find Your Match With the NEW Naish S25 Kites . Peri Roberts is Crowned 2nd Overall at the GKA World Tour in Cabo Verde . Christophe Tack Joins the Naish Lineup for 2020 . Say Aloha to Helena Brochocka – Naish’s Newest International Team Rider . Louka Pitot Joins The Naish International Kiteboarding Team

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    Naish Haze 2010 freeride twin tip kiteboard review.

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    Naish Haze Kiteboard 2010 Price: £399.02 Comes Complete with: Grav-D Footstrap System, Grab Handle, 4 x Glass Fins Balanced Versatility. The Haze delivers reliable performance for all rider levels in all conditions. For beginners and advanced freeriders alike, easy is good. The Haze gives you the reliability to take your kiteboarding anywhere ...

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    Aug 18, 2009 · The Naish Cult 2010 is designed for beginner through to advanced riders seeking a stable, easy-handling kite. The Naish Cult now boasts an …


    univerzální kiteboard do všech podmínek... rene egli center: jinak pro jakousi licenci (aby vam pujcili kite) je potreba jen relaunch z vody a krizovani porti vetru.tot vse.


    univerzální kiteboard do všech podmínek... 724 958 842; ... Napuštěno by mělo být v červnu 2010 a měla by tam být základna vodních sportů,tak doufám,že na kite centrum nezapomenou. Vzhledem k dobré vzdálenosti ... Prodám 4-line ráhno Naish 2019, délka...

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    Jun 18, 2009 · The guys from Briskites already had access to the 2010 Naish board range. For 2010 we will have a new model the Momentum, a freestyle board with additional rocker and tip width over the Thorn. Check out what Naish has for us 😉 2010 Naish Sol. 2010 Naish Haze. 2010 Naish Thorn. Naish …

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    Product information "2010 Naish Haze" Das Haze bietet Ridern aller Fähigkeitsstufen bei allen Bedingungen eine zuverlässige Performance, denn sowohl für Anfänger als auch für fortgeschrittene Freerider ist einfach auch einfach gut.

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