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2016 Buyer's Guide: North The Kiteboarder Magazine

    The Nugget has had its first big redesign in years with the 2016 Nugget CSC. Together, shaper Sky Solbach and North CEO, Till Eberle, worked on this board to take what was arguably the best light wind board on the market and make it even better.

North Nugget 2013 Kiteboard Review - Epikoo.com

    The Nugget is the kind of board that can help you have maximum fun in light winds and small surf. As the guys at North say, the Nugget is all about having fun and maximizing your time and stoke in the water. And they are right.

Happy Client with new North Kiteboarding Nugget - YouTube

    Jun 18, 2017 · This is the CSC (compact surf concept) Nugget from North Kiteboarding. Great alternative for those not wanting to spend the time and money learning …

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    The Angry Swallow from Slingshot is a further development of their ground-breaking T-Rex program from a couple of years ago. The 2016 Angry Swallow sees further refinements on last year’s design; chiefly it’s slightly narrower at 18” 5/16 or 46.5cm.

North Nugget 2016 - North Kiteboarding Directional Wave ...

    North Nugget 2016 - North Kiteboarding Directional Wave / Freeride Kite Board Get ready to experience the North Nugget 2016 CSC (Compact Surf Shape), a board that will enable you to get out there and tear apart waves in the lightest wind when all your friends are still sitting on the beach.

North Kiteboarding Whip CSC 5'4" 2016 Kitesurfing ...

    North Kiteboarding Whip CSC 5’4” 2016 At A Glance The new North Whip CSC has undergone some changes this year, it was a hugely popular board last year and you’ll be pleased to hear these are tweaks rather than a complete overhaul.

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    2018 Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard Liquid Force $449.99 $199.99 Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard Carved $1,399.95 Save 50 % 2019 Liquid Force Lunar Kiteboard-142 x 43.5cm Liquid Force $600.00 $299.99 2020 Naish Switch Kiteboard Naish $545.00 Save 40 ...

Newfound Love For the Nugget The Kiteboarder Magazine

    Jul 26, 2017 · Lewis Crathern is a mega looping machine known for his no holds barred approach to the sport. From chasing storms, jumping piers and competing in the world’s most extreme kiteboarding event – Red Bull King of The Air, one would presume that he’s a die-hard boot rocking twin tip shredder.

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