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Wakeboard Tricks: How-to Do a 360 - Monster Tower Blog

    Sep 05, 2019 · That’s the whole thing about doing a 360 in the air is everyone wants to rush it but you have to make sure you get up off the wake before you do the spin. The spin itself is the same you pull with two hands and you advance your hip to make yourself come around, try to keep the tension in your shoulders so you don’t fall back towards the boat.

Resources - How-To: 360 on a Wakesurf Board

    Once you’ve got 360’s down it’s time to master the next trick on your list. If you don’t have the right board or your wave is lacking in size and push, we can help with that. Shop the largest selection of wakesurf ballast and skim style wakesurf boards at WakeMAKERS.com.


    Aug 07, 2015 · This is a great tutorial on the HS FS 360. Shaun Murray breaks down each step so you will be well on your way to learning your first 360!Author: BoatersOutlet

How To: Land a 360 wakeboarding trick - YouTube

    Nov 20, 2009 · Visiting professional wakeboarder, Marc Shuster, instructs Stefan from Canada how to land a 360 wakeboarding trick. Marc Shuster lives in Florida but Turks and Caicos is only an hour and forty-five...Author: NautiqueSportsTCI

How to Heelside Frontside 360 on a Wakeboard PUSH ...

    The best way to get the feeling of a frontside 360 on a wakeboard is to first learn it on the water going as slow as possible. Have your driver slow the boat down to where you’re barely planing on the water, and a fall won’t hurt. Practice spinning full frontside 360s inside the wake on top of the water.

Surface FS & BS 360 Wakeboard Tutorial - YouTube

    May 10, 2015 · In diesem Video werden sowohl ein Surface FS- als auch ein Surface BS 360 erklärt. www.facebook.com/wakeboomertv www.instagram.com/markus_czorlich Location: ...Author: WakeboomerTV

Backside 360 - Wakeboarder.com Tricks and Tips

    Backside 360 The Backside 360 is also sometimes called a Blind 360 because you spin your back towards the boat immediately instead of a normal rotation where the front of your body is the first to face the boat. A Blind 360 is a very stylish trick that isn't done …

How to Spin 360 on a Wakesurfer - LiveAbout

    Jun 19, 2018 · The wakesurfing 360 is one of the most elusive tricks on the planet. The rotation itself is rarely the problem, but rather keeping momentum and balance seems to be the most tricky. Therefore, if you have tried and tried to pull off 360's to no avail, then …

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