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Always Kiting

    FOR EXTREME KITING ENTHUSIASTS. FLY HIGH ON YOUR KITE. UPHILL, DRIFT AND FREERIDE. RIDE THE WAVE TO THE SUNSET. Latest. Quick View ... Model: UNO V2 Inflatable 4-line Depowerable Trainer. $420.00 UNO V2 Inflatable 4-line Depowerable Trainer. UNO V2 Inflatable 4-line Depowerable Trainer. $420.00 ...

4 line kite lessons - KITEVIBE

    4 line kites are a serious challenge delivering more power than 2 line kites. So much so they need brakes, hence the extra 2 lines. By using brakes you can get a dazzling array of spins, turns, stalls and some very serious power by 'dead spotting' the kite in the strongest bit of the wind.

Kitesurfing - 4 Line Kite

    This listing is for my 2010 Naish 6m Cult 4-line kite and bag. This kite is in great shape. Kite only. No bar, it works with any even length 4-line bar, the more throw the better. It's in perfect working condition. Was rock hard after my last session, it holds air A-OK. I've used it 4 times this summer so far at Manzanita.

Inflatable 4 Line Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

    Ozone Uno 4 Line Inflatable Trainer Kite For Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, and Landboarding The UNO is a simple, affordable and robust inflatable de-power trainer. With a unique design incorporating only one strut it is an ideal kitesurf trainer kite practice, learn, and to rig and fly the same as larger inflatable kiteboarding kites.

Kites Power Kites Traction Kites Water Relaunchable ...

    2-Lines Kites >> 4-Line Kites >> Power Kites >> Traction Kites >> Depowerable Kites >> Kiteboarding Kites ... Need Help? Check out our Power Kiting Product Selector >> Showing items 1 to 20 of 42 total Sort By. View All 20 200 400. 3. HQ Symphony Beach 3 (III) Power Kite. Your Price: £27.99. NEW. Spider Kites Amigo. Your Price: £27 ...

Foil kite - Wikipedia

    While 2-line kites require sometimes significant push and pull arm movement to fly (especially true the larger the kite), the development of the 4-line kite required less arm movement. 4-line kites are flown with two lines on each handle: a top line (or power line), and a bottom line (or brake line). 4-line kites can still be flown with push ...

Quad Line Kites - Stunt Kites - Buy at Into The Wind Kites

    The versatility of quad line kites makes them a great choice for team flying. Quad team flying is one of the most visible kiting pastimes in the world with dozens of exhibition teams worldwide and mega flies with 80+ pilots in formation. Watch a video and you’ll be inspired to take the quad line challenge.

the kite guy: 4-line kites

    The bullet is a great all around 4 line powerkite suitable for use in medium to high wind conditions. Extremely popular for years in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world, it is 100% ideal for buggying, snow kiting, landboarding, and just flying it, period. The perfect kite with loads of power, a breeze to relaunch, make rapid turns & has loads of speed to boot!

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