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Inflatable 4 Line Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

    Ozone Uno 4 Line Inflatable Trainer Kite For Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, and Landboarding The UNO is a simple, affordable and robust inflatable de-power trainer. With a unique design incorporating only one strut it is an ideal kitesurf trainer kite practice, learn, and to rig and fly the same as larger inflatable kiteboarding kites.

Kiteboarding Shop Trainer Kites

    The Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite is the leading 3-line kite to get started learning kiteboarding and kitesurfing. The 3rd line with wrist leash provides safety flagout and easy lauching and relaunch. The Ignition is great for the park, beach, or kite-skate. The Ozone Ignition has proven to be the perfect trainer to enter the sport of kiting safely.

The best trainer kites in the world - Surfertoday

    May 23, 2020 · Trainer kites have been designed for kiteboarding beginners. Learn how to kiteboard with a safe and easy-to-control kite. A trainer kite is always a smart investment, and it will get you into kiteboarding quite quickly. A good trainer kite will help you get used to the power of the wind, and it will exercise and develop your muscle memory.

4-Line Control Bar Trainer Kites - WindBone Kiteboarding

    4 Line Control Bar Trainer Kites - Fixed Bridle Trainer Kites equipped with 4 Lines - 4 Line Fixed Configuration allows for greater and extended tuning of kite with fixed sheeting adjustments capable to extend range of kite (no sheetable depower on bar, but fixed sheeting adjustments capable on center line adjustment strap), easier and faster relaunch with improved safety function, plus added ...

Trainer Kites for Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing ...

    Get into kiteboarding and test the power of the wind with a trainer kite!Trainer kites are one of  the best way to get into kiteboarding, learning about the wind and power of a kite while keeping yourself safe and having fun are all important and you get to learn the basics of kiteboarding before you very first kitesurf lesson! If you have a question that hasn't been answered here - you ...

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