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    Kitesurfing kites or wave kites are designed for riding in the surf. These kites typically are fast, direct and drift well down the line. Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing parts of the sport and many manufacturers are making "wave-specific" kites. Size - 4m

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    The HQ Symphony 1.4M trainer kite is our smallest trainer. Generating the least amount pull/power, etc. but still packs a punch for the price and offers an excellent tool to learn the basic flying control inputs needed to fly full sized kitesurfing and/or power kites.

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    Kitesurfing Kites King of Watersports the latest range of Kitesurfing Kites for all wind ranges, kitesurfing styles and abilities. Lightwind Kites like Ozone Zephyr, Wave kites from the Cabrinha Drifter to the Slingshot Wave SST, Freestyle and freeride kites from the Naish Pivot, to the Cabrinha FX. Flysurfer Sonic and Speed 5 for snowkiting.

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    4m (3) 5m (14) 6m (20) 7m (20) 8m (21) 9.5m ... Yep, we are all kids in the candy store. Kiteboarding gear makes our blood flow, our minds race. It's like magic when you get that new kite or test that new kiteboard. We have been getting new gear through our doors …

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    Jul 21, 2013 · Peter Lynn Voltage 4m Review. Brand new kite from Peter Lynn. update: 3/2/14 We'be been flying this kite fore over 6 months now. It performs great. The voltage is a pretty nice all around kite. it ...Author: BigMikesKites

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    Tip #3 – With Light Wind, Trainer Kite Size Is Not So Important. Even a 4m kite will only generate moderate power in light wind. However, as the wind increases above 12mph, the power and pull will multiply much quicker with any kite larger than 2.5 square meters. So, think about the little person if a little person is going to fly with you.

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