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Surfline Wave Height Scale (with photos) SURFLINE.COM

    5 foot or Head High: 6 foot or 1 foot overhead: ... Measuring a wave from behind started as a joke from hawaiians, who would be surfing double overhead waves and reporting the surf as 3 feet, so ...

What is the Hawaiian wave scale? - The Ultimate Surfing ...

    As a result, an average surfer who believes he's ridden a 10-foot wave has, from a Hawaiian perspective, surfed a five-to-six-foot roller. The World vs. Hawaii. So, why is the gap between the actual wave face observed by 99 percent of the surfing world and the Hawaiian readings so wide?

Wave Size for Beginner - Surfing Waves

    Oct 13, 2011 · Hi dbraun78, welcome to Surfing Waves! 4-6 foot is a decent size. These waves may well be too much for an inexperienced surfer. That said, at least take your gear down for a look. The swell might be smaller than expected, and depending on your …

How to choose the Right Surfboard Boardcave USA

    Surfing at Duranbah in medium sized waves, you will want a good all-round shortboard like the DHD 3DV, the SUPERbrand Magic Mix or the Panda Goose. This is the main reason (and also a great excuse) for getting a quiver of boards as your surfing progresses.

How to Choose Surfboard Fins: Setup and Fin Types evo

    The flexibility of a fin, or lack thereof, can significantly affect the way a surfboard rides. In general, a flexier fin will provide a skatier feel on more playful waves, but a stiff fin is ideal in faster more hollow waves. It is important to note that high end fins can be both soft and stiff – they have flex patterns.


    A very consistent swell would be the same 4-foot swell with sets every 5 minutes, but now there are 10 waves in every set and that translates into 120 waves per hour.

This Is What 20 Feet At 16 Seconds Looks Like In Puerto ...

    Mar 05, 2018 · There were 50-foot face waves coming in. It was sooooo much bigger than me, Will [Skudin], or anyone expected it to be. That photo [see above] looks like onshore Waimea Bay. Exactly. It honestly felt like I was surfing any other big wave in the world. It actually reminded me a lot of Cortes Bank, because there were waves breaking all over the ...

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