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    Mar 24, 2017 · 61 Interesting Surfing Facts. A “hang eleven” is when a male surfer rides his board naked. [13] Captain James Cook was the first person to describe surfing (or he’enalu in Hawaiian), in 1778. He saw a surfer whom he described as someone ... The Hawaiians referred to surfing as he’enalu , which means ...

5 Gripping Facts about Surfing You May Not Know ...

    Aside from Newton’s laws of motion that explains how an object in motion (a wave) reacts to a still object (surfer), there are at least 5 physics principles that make surfing possible. The first one is, naturally, gravity! The surfboard is pulled by gravity, otherwise we would float up in the sky when we surf.

Surf Blog - 15 Incredible Surf Facts

    Surfing is one of the oldest sports on Earth. Archaeologists recently discovered prehistoric stone carvings in Chan Chan, Peru that date back over 5,000 years ago and show people surfing. 2. The world record for the longest ride is 3 hours 55 minutes by surfer Gary Saavedra in 2011 when he rode the wake of a speed boat.

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    The most people to ever stand on one surf board is 47; According to the Guinness Book of Records the most surfers to ever get on the same board was 47. The surfboard was scaled up to 12m and the 47 surfers boarded at Snappers Rocks, Queensland on 5 March 2005. Take a look at the YouTube video – it’s a pretty impressive sight!

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