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50 Knots - Marius Hoppe - YouTube

    Mar 17, 2017 · Kite session with up to 50 knots wind, 20.1m height, 8qm Core Kite. Gear used: Core GTS 4, Carved Custom Board Marius-Hoppe.com facebook.com/MariusHoppeKites...Author: Marius Hoppe

Kiting in 50-60 knots - Page 9 - Kiteforum.com

    Oct 09, 2014 · Also, 60 knots of wind has 4 times the power of 30 knots, 16 times the power of 15 knots. When a 7m kite is pushed to the edge of the wind window the actual surface area facing the wind is way less than 7m2, that's why it's possible to hold on to these kites for so long (for me at 75kg up to gusts of 45-50 knots, anything above 45 is not fun ...

Useful Kite Line Knots Kites In The Sky

    Figure-of-Eight The Figure-of-Eight Knot is used to keep the line from pulling through a knot. To start, place the end of the line alongside the line to form a "J". (Fig.1)-Take the end over and down around the line. (Fig. 2)-Bring the end up and then into the newly formed loop. At this point, the knot should look like

Caught in a 50 knot storm! KEVVLOG #30 - YouTube

    Oct 05, 2017 · After a couple jumps and kite loops a big rain cloud came by and toke with it like 50 knots and tons of rain. I had to stop and lay in the water to wait till the cloud was gone. It was pretty crazy.Author: Kevin Langeree

Knots - Dan Leigh delta kite designs

    Prusik Knots tend to slip on thin kite line. For a possible alternative, see the note at the end of the Double Grinner Knot above. Simpler knots, such as the Manharness Knot, are for thicker ropes, and weaken kite line more than the barrel-shaped knots. Prusik Knot. For temporarily hanging objects from kite lines. This is a climbers' knot.

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