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Jean Armour Polly - Wikipedia

    Coining the phrase has since been attributed to internet pioneer Mark McCahill, who used the same phrase months earlier in February 1992.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive ARPAnet ...

    The term "surfing the Internet" is coined by Jean Armour Polly (:jap:); Brendan Kehoe uses the term "net-surfing" as early as 6 June 1991 in a USENET post (:bt1:) Zen and the Art of the Internet is published by Brendan Kehoe (:jap:) Internet Hunt started by …

Who Invented Surfing the Internet?

    Even if we don't try to fully support users as they 'surf' the networks, end-user support costs will increase as the library provides access to a growing number of information servers." There's also use of the term "going net-surfing" which turns up in a June 6, 1991 comp.admin.policy post by Brendan Kehoe.

Who coined the term surfing the net - Answers

    There is debate about who originally coined the term "surfing the net," but the two people credited are programmer Mark McCahill and author Jean Armour Polly. The term was originally "surfing the...

6 A Jean Armour Polly coined the term net surfing 7 A 1996 ...

    6. A: Jean Armour Polly coined the term “net surfing”. 7. A: 1996 was the US telecommunication companies ask the US Congress to ban Internet phone technology. 8. A: Six Degrees was touted as the “first” social network media site.

The women who coined the expression "Surfing the Internet"

    Jean Polly is often credited with coining the famous expression "surfing the internet." But according to Ron Mion, the architect of the marketing strategy for the IBM Personal Computer, the concept was originally published five months before her article.

When was the term surfing the net coined - Answers

    There is debate about who originally coined the term "surfing the net," but the two people credited are programmer Mark McCahill and author Jean Armour Polly. The term was originally "surfing the ...

Marshall McLuhan - Wikipedia

    Furthermore, McLuhan coined and certainly popularized the usage of the term surfing to refer to rapid, irregular, and multidirectional movement through a heterogeneous body of documents or knowledge, e.g., statements such as "Heidegger surf-boards along on the electronic wave as triumphantly as Descartes …

What does “internet surfing” mean? - Quora

    internet sirfing is nothing but browsing the net through web browsers (softwarw applications to retrieve indormation) from Worldwide web (The World Wide Web, also known as the WWWand the Web, is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), interlinked by hypertext links, and accessible via the Internet.English scientist Tim Berners-Lee …

Web Surfing - Navigation, Bookmarks, Frames, Keyboard Commands

    The term "surfing the Internet" was first popularized in print by Jean Armour Polly in an article called Surfing the INTERNET , published in the Wilson Library Bulletin in June, 1992. The term was widely distributed when she released the article on the Internet later that year in December, after which it was translated into several languages and disseminated further.

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