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Surf photos: See Jeff Divine's 1970s pictures from the ...

    Mar 13, 2020 · Amid the glistening waves and youthful grins in Jeff Divine's photos of 1970s surfers, there's something conspicuously absent from the sun-drenched scenes: logos. This …

Jeff Divine photography 1970's Surfers - Jeff Divine Surf ...

    Jeff Divine photography 1970's Surfers

Amazon.com: Jeff Divine: 70s Surf Photographs ...

    Mar 10, 2020 · Taken in California and Hawaii, Divine captures the beginning of the surf scene in the 1970s, when he himself was a keen surfer and worked as photo editor for two of the sport’s most esteemed magazines, Surfer and Surfer’s Journal.4.5/5(2)

Jeff Divine's new photo book documents the golden age of ...

    In the early 1970s, Surfer magazine hired a young photographer from San Diego – Jeff Divine – to document the winter surfing season in Hawaii, launching a career that would shape the sport’s future. Jeff Divine's new photo book documents the golden age of surfing American Way

LeRoy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s by ...

    LeRoy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s by Steve Barilotti Tapping into the archives of America's most important surf photographer of the '60s and '70s At a time when surfing is more popular than ever, it's fitting to look back at the years that brought the sport into the mainstream.

Surfing Photographs from the Seventies Taken by Jeff ...

    Mar 01, 2006 · After my old friend Ron Stoner vanished into the mystic, Jeff Divine became my favorite surf photographer in the 70's. His shots were clean- and-green or sharply contrasted black-and-white. One of the reasons the islands became so popular in the 70's was Divine's photos in SURFER. Everybody saw them, got stoked, and jumped on a 707.Reviews: 14

Jeff Divine Surf Photography - Jeff Divine Surf Photography

    Jeff Divine has one of the worlds largest archives of surf photography in existence from 1970-2009.


    Nov 29, 2010 · From the desk of Contributing Editor, Eli M. Getson– LeRoy Grannis, considered by many to be the premier photographer of California’s thriving surf culture in the 60’s and 70’s, started out not as a professional or trained artist– but as a hobbyist. He didn’t even begin his epic career until the ripe age of 42 yrs old.

Surf Photography: Catching The Wave - Outdoor Photographer

    Jan 19, 2018 · One of the recent trends in surf photography is a pulled-back look using a 50mm lens and moving farther away from the action to show the entire wave. Another alternative is to shoot with a 70-200mm lens while sitting outside the wave. When using anything other than a fisheye, I recommend that you engage the autofocus while shooting in the water.

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