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North 2010 Jaime

The new North Jaime (pronounced Hymie) is the signature of legendary North team rider; Jaime Herraiz.  The "Jaime" is an incredible blend of new school performance with nice easy to use free ride friendliness.  It's ability to handle a wide variety of conditions including nasty chop, make this a truly stand out board for all level of riders wanting to push their riding to the limits but still maintain free ride versatility.

The 2011 Jaime has a nice rounded rocker and wide centre to offer great upwind and early planing all with a smooth ride.  The new centre flex design allows the board to be more responsive and this year has a full concave similar to the 2010 board but also sports the addition of water channels at each tip of the board to channel water directly between the fins to give a better "bite" into the water as well as more control when landing jumps.  The fins on the 2011 board are same as last years but have now been set with an outward cantilever of 4 degrees to give a more vertical angle to give more traction when riding.

The easy to use ride doesn't mean you get entry level performance, far from it, the pop from this board is insane.  Other changes to this years board is the new North "S-Bend" freestyle fins which allow faster speed and more control.  The Jaime as with all the new North boards also comes standard with the all new "Vario Footpad Cushions" so you can change the comfort of the foot pads to suit your riding perfectly.

The Jaime is still one of the best all round freeride/freestyle performance boards on the market.


129cm x 39cm

132cm x 40cm

135cm x 41cm

137cm x 43cm 

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North 2010 Jaime 132  - Rider Review

Today was my third ride on the 132 Jaime, first time was in surf (not ideal) 2nd time was in just hideous chop and strong winds, very powered up on the new Rebel 9m 2010, also probably not ideal and today in 20-25 knot which was ideal.

For a little perspective, the 2009 Jaime was my board of choice when twin tipping, and my wifes, and my instructors etc.  A very popular board and for good reason. Today I got to really give the Jaime a fair go in conditions I'm used to and I must say, I had to delete part of my previous review as it was incorrect.  

The new Jaime is damn nice and does have a very decent difference to last years.  The full concave makes the board hug the corners more and not skip out as the 09 was prone to do.  The flex and control of the board was every bit as good as last years maybe better ?????  But the ride with the new fins and concave had me sold, and several others whom also ride on it today.

Excellent pop, great in crazy chop, customizable softnes in the pads, improved fins and handle and a better more grippy ride.  I'm sold, I love the Jaime again, so nice to ride!



North 2010 Jaime



North 2010 X-Ride

The North X-Ride is the all round cross terrain board designed to excel in a large variety of water conditions ranging from surf to chop to smooth water, whateveryou choose.  The X-Ride is the ideal board for riders wanting stability and dependable handling at high speed.  It's really all about control.  With control you can handle blistering carves in less than glassy conditions, you can handle aerated surf and tight controlled turns on the wave face and also be confident of holding a good edge when sending massive jumps.

The X-Ride was our biggest selling board in 2009 and for good reason, it was a pleasure to ride and did everything everyone asked of it.  Now this year with the improved flex in the centre section, new sizes being added and also the new fins and pads, the board should continue to be one of oour biggest sellers.

The characteristics are early planing as the new board has slightly wider dimensions compared to length, tighter turns and improved flex to make it even smoother and more comfortable in chop and surf as well as a no spray in the face design!

Also with the new Vario footpads and all new North "S-Bend FR" fins, we expect a lot also from this board.


129cm x 38cm

133cm x 39cm

136cm x 40cm

140cm x 41.5cm 

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Rider Review - North 2010 X-Ride

Decent breeze and a bit of swell around today so headed to Scarbs for a demo run on the new X-Ride 133 (among others).  Wind was about 18-13knots NW and around 2.0m swell with some nice walls and plenty of chunks to hit.  The board is a little different to last years model in that it has a totally new core shape, a little less flex, new fins, and less concave which had a dramatic effect on the way it rode.

It took me a couple of runs to get the footstraps right (I used medium density inserts) once adjusted the connection to the board felt same as previous model.  Now for perspective I liked the 09 version but found it locked in a bit much and tracked very straight as though the fins were a bit far aft and the concave was a bit deep (subsequently I prefered the Jaime instead in most cases).  None of that with this years, it feels so much more lively but still has the great grip.  In the short ride I had (about 20 minutes) the board felt trustworthy even when dicing the top off a wave from under the lip, the board had great control and threw absolute buckets!

Although the chop wasn't the short staccato type like Pinnaroo, the ride was the same smoothness as we've come to expect from the X-Ride, I reckon if the Jaime and X-Ride of 09 were to mate and have an offspring, it would be the new 2010 X-Ride.

Still fast, still grippy, still carves in chop like no other but has a much nicer ride and feels looser without being loose enough to skid or slide unintentionally. Rode it again in strong winds and Pinnachop today, it's still a great board, many will like it's ride, and worth a demo for sure.  If you liked the 09, you'll love the 010.


North 2010 X-Ride



North 2010 Team Series

The North Team Series is the Wakestyle and New School riders boards.  These are the boards used by all of the North team riders when freestyle riding.  The Team boards come in four sizes; The Youngblood (125cm), the Small (131cm), Medium (133cm) and the Large (135cm).  These boards take the place of the YB, Mallory, Cesar and Sky from 09.

The Team series is an ongoing pursuit for the ultimate freestyle board.  The Team series has the most uncompromising tip flex and centre flex pattern to give insane pop and handle the hardest landings whilst still offering excellent edging and control for that solid feel when riding hard.

The 2010 boards are a little wider than previous models to maximize upwind and early planing, this allows riders to throw down more tricks in the judging square per run and also use smaller faster kites which gives versatility in trick reportoir.

The new "S Bend" fins give more drive whilst at the same time offering increased control and speed.  The varying chord thickness of the new fins also assists in engaging after crazy landings like never before.  The last new feature is the rounded centre rail which gives a smoother ride and safer landings when looping hard.

Couple all of this with the new footstraps and pads and you have the board of champions!


125cm x 36cm

131cm x 40cm

133cm x 41cm

135cm x 42cm

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North 2010 Team Series 131cm



North 2010 Team Series 133cm



North 2010 Team Series 135cm



Rider Review - North Team Series 132

I and a few friends have now given the Team Series 132 a good workout, unfortunately only in choppy waters, but this aside, the board was able to be reviewed reasonably although I think it would be better riden in smoother waters.

The board feels a lot more like the Jaime of 2010 this year than in previous years.  It is a bit stiffer but not as stiff as previous models which I guess is why it feels so much nicer to ride in the chop.  It planes well and slices throught he chop easily.  The 132 has good grip in the water and has great speed.  Of course the amount of pop is excellent and landing big and fast moves has been made even easier with the new flex and improved fins.

The new footstraps and adjustable footpads  mae the connection to the board as comfortable as possible and the board this yea, in my opinion, is going to be suitable to a much wider rider base than just the hard core new school crew. 

Bottom line is the Team Series 132 is a beautiful board, both to look at and to ride and is worth checking out.


North 2010 Soleil

The Soleil is the North board specifically for the ladies.  This one is in two sizes; the smaller, more hard core 128, which has all the hard core characteristics of the new school Team Series boards and the 134, which is the more user friedly free ride board for the ladies who want a great fun ride for day to day riding.  Don't let the pretty graphics throw you off, this board has bite!

The 128 Soleil is designed for the North team riders Ania and Angela who push their freestyle to the limits and need a board that is cutting edge enough to allow them to perform at the limits of their ability.  The 128 has nice flex and massive pop for throwing loaded kite low tricks and still getting plenty of height.  The centre of the board uses the same flex technology as the range of new mens boards.

The 134 is for the ladies who prefer a more relaxed ride but still want to throw down nice tricks.  The smooth ride and longer length and width allow early planing and smooth control.  The flex in the board is more suited to nice carving and loaded jumps, and general freeriding fun.

Both boards are of the same construction and materials as the mens boards but are reduced in stiffness, size, smaller stance, smaller footstraps to suit the size differences of the ladies.


128cm x 37.5cm

134cm x 38cm

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North 2010 Soleil


Rider Review - North 2010 Soliel

Although I haven't had a ride of this board myself (footstraps are too small for my great clod hoppers Embarassed).  My wife, and several other ladies have had a chance to ride it.  I base the review on their feedback and reviews.

The Soleil is smooth and really easy to ride and of course with the small footstraps designed for small womens feet, they felt the board so comfortable and well connected to them.  The board has great pop and is just easy and fun to ride.  Upwind is easy and the words from my wife are "light, flexible and very manoevreable".

We've had nothing but rave reviews and sales from women who have demo'd the board.  Try one for yourself , we have a 134 in demo stock!


North 2010 Gonzales

The Gonzales is the pure freeride board ideal for beginners to the sport, or cruisers looking for a soft and comfortable ride.  The medium width and harmonic flex pattern give a super smooth ride.  The Gonzales is ideal for nice carves and jumping.  The shape offers good upwind ability and early planing.

For the price there is no excuse to not start riding.  With the new 130 added this year, the sizing ensures there is a board for everyone.


130cm x 38cm

135cm x 39cm

143cm x 40.5cm

151cm x 42cm

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North 2010 Gonzales




North 2010 Select

The new 2010 North Select is the top of the range freeride andNew School board.  Built from the most high tech carbon fibre "Textreme"which offers a 20% weight reduction over standard carbon fibre constructions.  This is the same cmaterial and construction used in aerospace and formula one.

This board is the ultimate in light weight performance and the epitome of high tech design and construction.  The flex has been micro tuned to offer the most unique and comfortable ride in the range as well as having massive pop and incredible response.

A very lively and responsive board for riders demanding the best from North.


132cm x 39.5cm

135cm x 40.5cm

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North 2010 Select



North 2010 Phantom

The Phantom is the light wind option in the range because it sucks sitting on the beach when the wind is light.  For those that must get the most from the wind, the larger Phantom is the absolute weapon to get you riding upwind before anyone even thinks about pumping up.  This board is to get you going in the lightest possible wind.  A very straight outline and almost flat rocker gives you all the help you need to maintain speed and keep planing.

The smaller Phantom is for light wind freestyle.  The light weight construction and responsiveness gives a lively ride while the width gives you plenty to push of from the back foot.


141cm x 44cm

154cm x 45cm

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North 2010 Phantom



North 2010 Race LTD

The Race LTD is all about going fast .... upwind!  The Race LTD is really a highly tuned precision board for course racing and winning.  Designed in conjunction with current world race champion, Charles Deleau, the Race  LTD absolutely scorches upwind.

The precision machined G10 Quad Fin setup is designed for speed in the lightest possible wind and without a doubt has the worlds best upwind performance seen in any production race board.  Additional length width and volume has ensured light wind early planing to get you a jump on the competition from the start.

The deck has three footstraps for comfort on long reaches and ease of gybing and the wider nose makes control at high speeds easier.


Rider Review - North 2010 Race LTD

OK, so after a few weeks of enjoying the 2009 model, I couldn't help it and had to get a 2010.  They are so radically different in appearance and riding characteristics that I almost had to relearn all I'd learned on the 09 model.  It's longer, wider, thicker and has more fins and an additional footstrap.  The board itself is light to thanks to the Textreme carbon fibre construction.

The 2010 Race LTD gets planing in less wind than it's predecessor and powers upwind marginally better.  The difference is in the reide due to the concave bottom and quad fin setup.  Initially it is smoother and easier to ride and it will ride quick, but to hit the afterburners and get that JATO type accelleration it still requires a healthy amount of thigh and calf burn from your back leg.

The speed is blisteringly fast and unlike the 09, control at speed is much easier and the board never feels out of control.  The 09 may be just a touch quicker but at that speed you are bordering on losing control which is exciting but hazardous to have a fall when racing fast.

Downwind stability is much improved on the older model  and riding off the wind is much more balanced and fast.  It is truly amazing at how muchground you can cover in a short space of time.  Gybing is easier once you master the arc of the carve on the new board, (it created a wide arc) and would be better to tack rather than gybe this board so as not to lose too much upwind ground.

Overall, fantastic improved in almost all areas and addictive to ride, so much challenge in going fast and now with the AKS racing Wednesdays,  you have a reason to come and have a go.

Updated : 8:55am 16/11/09


Rider Review - North 2009 Race LTD

You've never experienced anything like extreme going upwind until you have ridden one of these course board.  They require a fair amount of back foot pressure which causes some thigh burn, but once you crank one of these boards up onto the wind where they want to be, you instantly accellerate and outpoint the best riders on other boards by a whopping 20 odd degrees.  It's hard to not grin like a deranged cheshire cat as the board points insanely high into the wind and all at high speed.

It actually makes upwinders a seriously fun proposition as you can ride upwind as fast as you ride downwind.  Riding directly downwind can be a bit sketchy as they lack stability so you need to run 3/4 off the wind to gain comfortable control.

A word of warning, it is good to have your mate buy one too so you can match race, because there is no one that will come close to matching you upwind with one of these bad boys and smokin' everyone so easily is embarrassing and it won't be long before no one will give you a race.


175cm x 48cm


North 2010 Race LTD



North 2010 W.A.M. (Wave Attack Model)

The new North Wave Attack Model (WAM) is the all rounder and will be the wepon of choice for most wave riders.  Where as the Kontact is for the crazy big stuff and the FSF is for the grovelly little stuff, the WAM is the do all, hit everything board that packs a hell of a punch.

The WAM comes in three sizes 5'8", 5'10" and 6' and all are thrusters.  The rounded pintail and almost full length concave gives the board a lot of drive and smoothness in choppy water.  The rails are fairly soft almost all the ay back until the thruster fins where they harden up and allow speed and a clean release from the water.  The WAM boards can be ridden strapless or strapped and have deck grip preinstalled on both front and back foot placements.

The new footstraps have a simple pull strap to tighten from almost the centre of the strap and release with the push of a hidden button beneath the neoprene.  The straps are easily adjusted even whilst still planing, just lean down, grab the loose tab and pull!  The fins are fibreglass Pinheads and have nice foiling which give incredible control and grip.


5'8" x 17.75"

5'10" x 18"

6'0" x 18.25"

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Rider Review - North 2010 WAM

I rode the 6' x 18.25" x 2" WAM in 16-26knots gusty and frontal very onshore wind and large surf up to double overhead.   The first thing I noticed was how the board felt very well balanced leaving the beach, in that it didn't bounce through the chop whilst working my way out to the break (3km offshore).  The board felt fast underfoot with no fin drag feel at all.  The board pointed upwind nicely and we made our way out to the reef.

Once in the break it was there I started to really notice how quick the board is, easily gunning along broken sections and when the decision was made to attack a section, the board turned so hard and fast it took me aback.  I decided to get a feel for the board before trying any more high speed snaps and deep carves into the face and under the lip.  Once I got my head around how responsive the board was and how much grip the fins gave, I started to attack with more confidence and aggression. 

The WAM responds to every little hack and carve with unbelievable accuracy and control.  In the tightest of carves I could actually feel the fin tips flexing and the back end of the board "give a little" , but not once did it slow or slide out.  The more I rode it, the more it blew my mind.  Even in onshore winds, I was able to execue moves I had never pulled off quite so cleanly.  The power of the fins and the ability to continue the speed into your next hack was lifting me to a new level of Riding I didn't think possible. 

This board is comfortable in large and small surf and easily turns on a dime when it's small and is totally comfortable in big drawn out high speed bottom turns.  A really fantastic board, not a bad word to say.

I really can't speak highly enough of this board.  Unbelievable!


North 2010 WAM (Wave Attack Model)



North 2010 FreeStyleFish

The Freestyle Fish is all about making the most of crappy, mushy, small and cross onshore conditions like we have here in Perth 9 days out of 10.  The FSF is the ideal first surf style board for people wanting to venture into the waves but don't have the experience to get the most out of the more higher performance WAM or wild Kontact.

The short wide shape allows easy planing in light winds as well as maintain speed on the face when the kites power drops off momentarily.  Designed with full surf rails makes it very forgiving and stable to gybe.  The short length means you can crank a 180 degree turn in and have the board come around as fast as you can swing your legs.

The rails have hand grips for freestyle riding at high levels for the more advanced riders who want the challenge of unstrapped performance riding.  The FSF's light weight and light wnd performance characteristics make it the best board for waves up to head high.


5'2" x 19.25"

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North 2010 FreestyleFish - Rider Review

I had the opportunity to test this board out in conditions not perfect for the FSF although at times it was good and at other times the waves were too big and kite too big, it did however lead to a good review as I got to find out what it does and doesn't like and what I did and didn't like about it.

As the waves were up to head and a half high, I chose to ride it strapped.  The FSF feels good through the water and certainly feels at home in the waves.  Plenty of bouyancy, width and very big soft rails mean this board is more at home in waves probably up to about head high, It doesn't like high speed as the front of the board tends to feel like it sucks to the water and sprays the front foot which causes drag throwing your balance off.  This only happened when I was racing down a big face with way too much kite power on.

Apart from this problem (a bit like saying this Ferrari is no good because it wont climb sand dunes Wink.  When the wind was a bit more under control and the waves were a bit smaller the board was a heap of fun and it showed some of the traits of the WAM (my fave board ATM).  Incredible grip and control in tight snaps on the face.  Very predictable in the foam and easy to ride and gybe.

I actually think this board would be a lot more fun and potentially easier to ride without the straps where you could explore it's freestyle ability.  The board had good drive off it's fins and cruised wave faces nicely and surfed easily when in the right conditions.  Pretty good fun and if you are seriously into Scarbs type waves and freestyle or are looking for a good board to learn unstrapped waves and gybing, then this could be a winner.  I think it would really come into its own in knee to waist high crumblies where you could tear the place apart and throw some nice airs and board flips etc.  Solid Fun!


North 2010 Freestyle Fish (FSF)



North 2010 Kontact

The North Kontact is the ultimate big wave weapon.  Born and bred in Margaret River for one of the worlds most famous big waves, the Kontact is for those wanting to challenge the most powerful and biggest waves.

The rounded pin tail, thin rails and gunny outline all contribute to high speed control.  You can attack any large wave with furious speed with the dependability of the board holding the turns predictably and comfortably driving with speed back up the face.  Control in chop is easy with the narrower board and definatley, this board opens up new levels of attack when ridden strapped.

The ultimate big wave and high wind board.  This is the board ridden by Dreau and Sky when it gets over 6 foot and windy!


5'9" x 17.125"

6'0" x 17.5"

6'3" x 17.875"

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North 2010 Kontact



North 2010 Skimfish

The Skimfish is the great practice toy for riding strapless.  The light wind ability, early planing and light weight make this a fun board to tool around with on days where it really is pointless getting out a surfboard.

Made in the same construction as the snowboard industry standard, itis durabe and strong.  A fun toy!


138cm x 50cm

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North 2010 Skimfish



Board Accessories


North 2010 FS and FR Twin Tip fins


Fins - S-Bend for Twin Tips

New North G10 "S-Bend" fins haven't been designed for the sake of design, but rather have been a major break from traditional design fins.  Right away the difference is obvious, they deliver more grip and less drag.  More grip means stomping and nailing the hardest tricks with confidence the board will have traction and control.  The new fins come in two sizes 5.3cm and 4.5cm.  They also come in two different configurations the FR (Free Ride)and the FS (Free Style).


Footpads for Twin Tips


North 2010 Foot pads Twin tip
The new North 2010 Vario Footpad design offers comfort and performance.  The ridge for the toes allow you to get a nice toe grip keeping your feet firmly planted in the strap even in the harshest of chop.  The Pad has an excellent smooth foot arch support to give you a larger contact area.  This allows you to spread the load of impact to the whole foot rather than just heal and ball.  The pads are easy to mount and can be setup to suit all riders preferences with just 2 screws.  Simply plug and screw!



North 2010 Footpad inserts
The new Vario Footpads are also quite unique in that they are now customizable in cushioning.  Each board comes with the three inserts of varying density so you can choose hard, medium or soft.  This will allow you to set the board for "hard",  so you can feel every bump and ripple through your feet for the most feedback from any board, or super "soft", if you're into the mega loops and desire a comfortable soft landing.   Goldilocks and the three bears type selection!





North 2010 Footstraps for Twin Tip


Footstraps for Twin Tips

The new North Multi Adjustable Footstraps are totally adjustable in size to fit every foot.  Width, length and also asymetry (front to back of strap pressure) are all adjustable within seconds with the velcro.  Width is adjustable with the screw position in the inner or outer holes.  The "S" footstraps are specifically designed for ladies or young kids or people with very small feet!  If you have very small feet, let us know when purchasing and we will include the "S" straps.




Footstraps for Surfboards

The all new 2010 Surfboard Footstraps have been made even more comfortable by adding additional padding on the inside to make for the cushiest ride ever.  Flex zones on each side allow you the freedom of movement whilst maintaining a good connection to the board.

The strap has an adjuster for size on top but hidden inside the strap itself.  Just pull on the tag hanging out pf the strap and the buckle tightens up and locks off until you press the buckle through the pad to release it.  It can even be adjusted as you ride along.  So easy! 


North 2010 Surfboard straps



Fins for Surfboards

All North Surfboard fins utilise the incredibly strong Future Fin System which is easy to use and readily available from regular surf shops.  The fins are moulded fibreglass and are the same sized and shaped ones that were used throughout the entire design and testing process so that your production board rides the same as the prototypes. I love future fins personally as I've never broken one!

Pin Head fins

The Thruster Pin Head set of fins come stock in the 5'9" and 6'0" Kontact and also in the 5'8", 5'10" and 6'o" WAM.  Being fast and snappy the Pin heads offer excellent gripand loads of speed to keep you and your fins flying above the lip where they belong!


North 2010 Pin Head Fins


Fat Head Fins

The Thruster Fat Head set of fins come standard on the 6'3" Kontact and also on the 5'2" Freestyle Fish.  These fins offer plenty of grip and are ideal for heavier riders to push hard against so you can drive hard up the face and attack with power.


North 2010 Fat Head Fins


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