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The Flight Control has been a favourite harness for kiters since it's first design in '04.  The latest '12 model is a further improvement of the original concept coupled with a better look and greater comfort and function.

The standard features offered are large and comfy bar pad, a grab handle to allow assistance during sketchy overpowered launching, a wide style hook for positive connection to the chicken loop and a quick release spreader bar to make getting into and out of this harness so much easier.  The back has a key pouch and sides have Neoprene fairings to hide the excessive strap ends and buckles to prevent catching on lines in powered moves.

The outer skin is 3D thermo formed to give good support and a modern appearance.  The inner is soft 3mm neoprene for comfort and protection against abrasion for long session.

The design of the FOFC gives good high back support and comfort to riders whilst still maintaining the freedom of movement to allow you to give every trick your "all" unencumbered by bulky or heavy harnesses.

The FOFC comes in 4 sizes : S, M, L, XL and three colours as shown below


2012 Flying Objects Flight Control Waist













Flying Objects "Felix" Waist Harness

The Flying Objects Felix waist harness is for those who want something a bit different and functional too.  If you know Felix, then you will understand this harness Innocent.  Felix waist is simple, no compromise freedom of movement so you can attack waves without restriction.

Back support is good with heavily cutaway sides to allow movements and twisting of the torso.  The harness comes with a good quality spreader bar pad and harness hook to prevent the ribs being pressured and has heavy duty "D" rings on both sides for the leash attachment.


2010 FO Felix Waist





We recommend that all persons try on first to evaluate first hand, the comfort, fit and to feel if there are any acute contact points which will cause rubbing.  Sometimes as little as a neoprene rashie under the harness is all that it takes to alleviate an abrasion issue, sometimes not.  Most people have different body shapes and for this reason we do not recommend any particular harness over another.  It always should come down to how good it feels when YOU TRY IT ON!

Do not set yourself a budget when buying a harness.  You should buy the harness that is most comfortable.  Remember that the harness is the conduit through which ALL of the force and pull from the kite is tranfered to your body.  During some tricks, the force applied to you can be many times your own body weight, so having a comfortable connection is paramount to your overall enjoyment of the sport.

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