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In 2009, The Pat Love Cast was one of the biggest selling harnesses we stocked and was good value for money.  The Harness is thermo moulded both inside and out and tends to "stretch just a litle when you get it wet, so buying one that is just a little on the tight side (without being ridiculous) is the right thing to do.  

The Cast is around a medium weight and "solid as".  It comes with a safety hook knife which sits in it's own pocket on the back right hand side and is retained by a plastic press stud.  The spreader bar pad is excellent and really protects you "big time" from any undue pain inflicted by a rising spreader bar.

The Elastic "kidney belts" as I call them, keep the harness down in position nicely and the harness is easy to get into and out of with the releasable hook on the right side strap.  The Cast also comes with a fixed handle pass leash bridle which is great for the price.  It is easy to fit most leashes to the HP loop.   You can also attach the leash to the "D" rings on the sides of the harness.

Overall a good quality, value for money, comfy harness that looks good and lasts if you take care of it.

Laughing  The harness also comes with strong "D" rings to allow a solid handle pass leash if chosen, or at last a great spot to handle the load of suicide tension from kite.  There is a handle on the back for an assistant to hold and of course they come with a Hook knife in the little pocket.

2009/10 Pat Love Eve Ladies



We recommend that all persons try on first to evaluate first hand, the comfort, fit and to feel if there are any acute contact points which will cause rubbing.  Sometimes as little as a neoprene rashie under the harness is all that it takes to alleviate an abrasion issue, sometimes not.  Most people have different body shapes and for this reason we do not recommend any particular harness over another.  It always should come down to how good it feels when YOU TRY IT ON!

Do not set yourself a budget when buying a harness.  You should buy the harness that is most comfortable.  Remember that the harness is the conduit through which ALL of the force and pull from the kite is tranfered to your body.  During some tricks, the force applied to you can be many times your own body weight, so having a comfortable connection is paramount to your overall enjoyment of the sport.



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