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Trainer Kites


Ozone Imp Trainer Kite
Trainer Kites are a great way to get started into the sport of either Kitesurfing or Land Kiting if you have had no prior experience of flying 2 line controllable stunt kites or traction kites.


AKS sells quality Ozone trainer kites from the IMP Trainer range.  These kites are "foil" design and are only suitable for use on land, they cannot be used in the water as they will collapse and take water in the event of a crash in the water.  The foil design is inexpensive, powerful, compact and easy to setup making it ideal to keep a trainer kite in your car for when you may have a few spare minutes to kill.

The IMP Trainer is in it's 3rd series with the latest model being a complete redesign from the ground up.  The new IMP's have the new colour pattern distinctive of the Ozone range of kites and have a cleaner safety system  and new bar.  The flying characteristics are closer resembling the performance and handling of their bigger land and water counterparts in that they fly more slowly, turn in a greater arc and have a solid pull similar to the larger kites, this gives a much better "feel" when learning to fly.  The new design is very stable in the air in all wind conditions making it even easier to fly and fun for all levels of experience.

The IMP Trainers are 3 line configuration with the two front lines controlling the turning  and power of the kite whilst the third line hangs limp and loose in normal flight conditions.  It is only when in emergency, relaunch or landing situations that the third line comes into play.  By releasing the bar, the third line is tensioned and the front two lines are slacked which folds the canopy and allows it to drop harmlessly to the ground without power.

Should the kite be crashed onto the ground leading edge down, the kite can be easily re-righted by pulling on a front line for turning the control bar, and also tensioning the third (back) line to initiate a reverse turning relaunch.  This saves a lot of frustration over a standard two line trainer kite which need to be reset into the launch position to begin flying again.  The IMP Trainer just turns over and relaunches from the bar without having to go to the kite or have an assistant.

Buying a Trainer kite and spending as much time as possible flying it prior to a lesson will give you an advantage if you have no previous flying experience, it is not essential but experience tells us they do help a fair bit, then once you have moved on to lessons, the kite is always there for your friends and family to prractice on at a later date when they become interested in your new sport.

Although learning the basics of flying with a trainer kite is really easy and can take as little as 5 minutes, it is the repetition of flying and having it ingrained into your unconscience that makes the difference, for this we recommend about 12-15 hours of flying until the control and handling of the kite becomes 2nd nature.  If you are going to make a control error when flying kites, its better if it happens on a small trainer kite than on a full sized power kite.


Training Exercises for Trainer Kites only!

For  specific exercises to practice when you have your trainer kite, click this link

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