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Free Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Australian Kiteboarding and SUP offer a free 1hr lesson with every board purchase.  Some of the things we cover in this lesson are looking after your new board, how best to manage the board onto and off your car, how best to carry your board and of course, how to use best technique to power, steer and control your board on the water.  We'll also teach you correct stance, posture, trimming and board recovery when you fall off.

There are do's and may be don'ts with most things as there is with Stand Up Paddle and we really want to make sure you enjoy every minute of owning and using your SUP.  Isn't it nice knowing there is still some things in life that are free!


Stand Up Paddle Lesson - Private Lesson (1hr) - $75

                                           - Group Lesson (1hr)   - $40

A single one hour lesson could be all it takes to correct bad stroke technique which may lead to physical discomfort or can be simply to help you improve your enjoyment and speed.  There is really so much to learn about stand up paddling and if you are a beginner, we can teach you how to get more from your paddling.

Lessons include the hire of board, paddle and accessories.


Why get Stand Up Paddle Lessons?

The first time I heard of Stand Up Paddle Lessons, I laughed out loud and thought it was ridiculous.  Why would anyone pay to learn how to paddle, I mean it's a bit like having jogging lessons right?  LOL

Well, sort of .....!  It wasn't until I spent some time with Pro SUPers that I indeed found I had a lot to learn.  Yes, it is just as easy as jogging, to stand on a board and dip the paddle and move forwards, but there are so many subtle techniques involved in maintaining balance, best use of paddle stroke, how to keep going straight and use most paddles per side without having to change.  Even several ways in how to turn effectively, and that was just the flat water stuff.  With a few tips, ease, performance and fun can be all increased quickly and without effort.

To learn to Stand Up Paddle in Perth or just to have a go, especially North of the river, AKS is your best option.  We have a good selection of boards in various sizes to take your first steps.  We also have a variety of more advanced and specialized boards for you to try if you want a little more from your paddling.  Including race boards, surf boards and your basic all rounders too.

There really isn't any essential need to have lessons at the end of the day, it's not like learning kiteboarding which requires lessons for safety.  We could give you an easy to use Allround board and a basic paddle and you could just get on it and start SUPing straight away, but of course there is good technique and not so good technique.  Wink  You may even have the balance and skills to step right onto a performance race board and paddle, but there is still enough to learn IMHO to warrant the minimal cost of a single lesson.  We'll refund you back the cost of lessons or fitness classes off the purchase price of any board (limits apply).

To get the most out of catching waves, again there are techniques in getting into position, trimming the board, turning on the wave and getting out through the surf when it's breaking etc. 

The beauty of SUP paddling is that it is dead easy.  If you can stand, can walk, and can use a floor broom, you can learn to SUP with good technique in under an hour.  It is much easier to start with good technique than have to correct bad technique after some time has passed.  I wish I had learned that simple rule when learning guitar!

In the above video it shows how amazing and peaceful SUPing is when taken at a leisurely pace on a nice day, not to mention what you can observe in the water whilst gliding over the waters surface.  What it doesn't show is the workout that I was getting whilst out paddling around.  For 1 month on our holiday, every other day, I spent around 45 minutes to one hour, paddling at an moderate level of interval style paddling ie, go hard for a short while, then back off and cruise and vice versa.  After only one month, I found my abs again and noticed significant weight loss and tone improvement in my arms, shoulders and core torso muscles. Several friends noticed my weight loss and made comments when we caught up again.   I am looking forward to summer where I'll be able to get more water time and some serious training.

My goal this summer is to be in the best shape in my life @ 44 yo and I believe SUP will help me get there rapidly!  Why not join in our SUP Fitness classes of a morning?  Guaranteed results!  Guaranteed FUN!

A single hour of instruction to start off on the right foot is the smart way to quick progress and fun. 

Stand Up Paddle is a sport which my whole family (Wife and two young daughters 3 and 6) are able to do straight away.  Friends that came to join us at the beach are immediately able to get on a board and also start enjoying the sport within minutes and a few quick tips.

We took a SUP on our holidays and I and my wife are able to take our two daughters out for a fun ride as well as go for a more energetic paddle ourselves.  My 3 year old loves the SUP and sits at my feet as I paddle along.  She sits atop the board and observes the fish and goings on around her whilst excitedly talking a mile a minute.  The six year old also loves to SUP with mum or myself but has now also started SUPing on her own.  We will be providing her with a small paddle to suit her height so that she can join us on longer excursions.

For the first time, here is a sport the whole family can do together whilst gaining fitness and having fun at the same time.  Don't you owe it to yourself to at least have a go?  First Fitness class is free!  Although it is advised that a single lesson may be worth while so you arent struggling with basic technique whilst we are training.

Come Join us!

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