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Australian Kiteboarding & SUP.

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Australian kiteboarding & Stand Up Paddle has grown into the most active and fastest growing kite and SUP retail shop in Perth.  We are forever expanding our range of products and services.  We have just taken on Fanatic as our Stand Up Paddle supplier after being more than impressed with their lineup, knowledge and quality after trying their range and meeting with their designer/shaper.  Talk about meticulous about product and design, they remind us of how we feel about our business.  LOL!

Australian Kiteboarding & SUP is dedicated to the water and the people who ride on and in it.  We bring to the shop only the best gear we can lay our hands on and then the thing needed to drive it;  mad passion for fun on the water.  Darren Marshall, the owner of AK&S is a keen waterman, and has been all his life, engaging in almost every water sport (water skiing, dinghy racing, ocean yacht racing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, freediving, spearfishing, surfing, SUPping, and underwater photography).  It's this enthusiasm for fun in the sun and the saltwater that we select our range of gear so that we can share our fun with you.  We have to be passionate about riding it or wearing it.  If we can't get excited about the gear we sell, what hope have you got?

For 2012, we have a huge range of new gear inbound from all of our suppliers as well heaps of fresh new products.  We can't wait until we are allowed to share pictures and info of the new gear.  Not long to wait! 

The new shop has been great and we feel well at home in Scarborough and it has been great being able to help guys and girls out of jams by lending pumps, fixing kites, sorting snapped lines all whilst the customers stand there dripping in their boardies whilst we fix the broken part.  Getting new customers into some sensational new gear has also been a great pleasure.  Ozone and North had a great year with some incredible new kites and boards like the Ozone Edge, C4, Catalyst and now the new Reo.  North came along with the new Rebel, Fuse and Vegas sporting the new D2 fabric.  New boards like the Cardboards Tempo and FR and North Whip and X-Ride have been amazing.

We are already busting at the seams after only 1 year into our lease and it looks as though we will need to move premises again, this time to find a larger space to accomodate our growing products and our SUP.  STOP PRESS: Our landlord has offered to enclose and secure the annexe of our store which will increase the shop floor space by more than 50 sq m.  No more need to move!  YAY!  This will allow us to be generous with ou space for SUP and all the new products that are in containers on ships as I write.  Looks like AKS will be in Scarborough for a few more years yet! 

It's all good and deifinately fun, so come on along on the 2012 ride and we may just have a few surprises for you in store and at the beach.  ;-)


Australian Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddle Products....


Our new shop showcases our full range of products and equipment.  Being a passionate Kitesurfing Shop, we are so focused on kite related stuff to make sure we carry a huge range of all the stuff you might need.  We endeavour to keep stock of most sizes of kite, board or harness on display or at least in our store so you can walk out of the store with the choice of kite or board you wanted under your arm to take straight across to the beach and go play. Nothing more frustrating than having to wait for your latest purchase to arrive.

Our range of kites and SUP's come from strong, high quality brands with excellent back up such as Ozone, North, Core and Airush.  These four kite brands produce epic models such as Reo, C4, Catalyst, Zephyr, Rebel, Vegas, Fuse, GTS and Riot XR2, and many others .....

Our amazingly complete board range are supplied by Airush, North, Fanatic and Cardboards offering us legendary models such as Jaime Pro, X-Ride, Switch, Converse, WAM, Whip, Choptop, Tempo, FR, Tyro, Race LTD and so many more....

The diverse styles of our sport will be covered in store by stocking Race, Freeride, Freestyle, Wave and surf focused equipment.  Currently we have more than 50 kites to peruse and our board racks will be stocked with more than 30 different type and sizes of boards to suit every rider. We aim to keep most sizes in stock in most models, yes, this means we have a lot of stock on hand to make sure we can fill your needs immediately!

SUP is our newest passion and we will soon have a fantastic choice for SUPpers from beginner to advanced in flat water ocean waves and surf.  We will be stocking Fanatic Fly HRS, Allwave, Race and Wave Pro boards as well as a large selection of quality paddles and bags etc for the waterman in you.  We will be adding SUP classes and fitness training to our beach services to make sure you keep up to date with our goings on. on both Facebook and our new Blog.

We take pride in offering special service to the ladies of the sport with Perth's most complete range of harnesses for women from ION, Flying Objects, Pat Love and Maui Magic.  We also create custom boards for the ladies with smaller footstraps, narrower stance, custom flex, custom graphics and smaller sizes.  We offer two manufacturers which have kites most suited to ladies also.

Our two shops will stock plenty of demo equipment for both wave and freestyle/freeride.  We intend to keep a good range of wave boards in the Scarborough shop for demo in the waves across the road at Brighton and a large range of twin tips in the van at Pinnaroo where the locations allow testing in appropriate conditions.  You will be able to demo a surfboard then walk up the hill, cross the street and exchange it for something else and test back to back for a more true comparison.  Same at Pinnaroo where you can borrow and demo multiple boards. 

We are also going to remain on Pinnaroo Point for the convenience of our customers in the northern suburbs and our school will continue to run from Pinnaroo.

  You can follow our progress on Facebook here on a daily basis

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Opening Hours

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5.30pm

Saturday 9am-3pm

Sunday and Monday Closed

Australian Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddle Shop in Scarborough directly opposite beautiful Brighton Beach.  The shop is located 256 West Coast Highway, Scarborough on the corner of Brighton Road.  We are at the front of the backpackers, entry via the gate at the front of the carpark.

Australian Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddle Shop is filled with great gear for everyone from the person who wants to buy their first kite or SUP board, to the experienced pro looking for a new kiteboard or paddle to take their riding to the next level.  We stock at least two of each type of products to allow you choice of equipment to best suit your needs.  Our current kite line up is North Kites, Core Kites, Ozone Kites and Fanatic Stand Up Paddle.  We have great boards from Cardboards, Airush and North twin tip boards and surfboards.  AK&S has accessories and spare parts for everyone from board and travel bags, wind gauges, lines, spare bars and pumps, trainer kites, a good assortment of Future fins, and so many harnesses to choose from from brands such as Pat Love, Flying Objects, ION, Dakine, Maui Magic etc.

You don't need to come in to our store to get a great deal and be spoiled for choice, you can also shop online on this site and have your purchase delivered to your door.  We endeavour to offer the best service and advice on kite boards, kites, harnesses and accessories for every rider.  We have created "Gear Review" sections and buyers guides to give you the information you need to make informed decisions without the BS, on all our latest products.

AK&S Online is the place to go to read up and get the information you are looking for with regard to North, Airush, Fanatic, Core, Cardboards and Ozone, and so many other great brands.  We stand by our reviews and to that end allow you to post your own reviews on the shop pages.  Different to every other retailer, we are on the beach in Hillarys and also Scarborough, Western Australia, as well as on the internet for kite and board sales and demo.  We love to kitesurf and paddle and love to share our knowledge with you, to this end, we are constantly developing and updating our site like no other really.  Cutting thru the crap, It's uniquely AKS!

Please feel free to let us know what you think, we'd love your This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Tell your friends via Facebook and keep checking in to keep up to date!  We now have a great Facebook site to allow our customers to stay up to date with our happenings as well as our Blog to keep you current with our ever expanding offers, product lines and services.  Check http:/ Make sure you register to become an AKS website Member!



We have so much in store for our customers in 2011/2012 season.  Plans will be revealed as we get things into place.  It's going to be a fun season and AK&S is changing it up yet again to make it more interesting and to better serve our customers both old and new!

We will be running demo days on occassional Sundays at beaches around Perth and in surrounds.  A schedule of dates will be posted on our Facebook site as soon as we nail down some dates.  Stick up to date and check in on us regularly, we want to be an active retailer having fun and giving back to the community.

Give us a try!  Wink

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