A Love Of Surfing Overpowers The Fear Of Sharks

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Dont Be Afraid of Sharks When Surfing - Streetdirectory.com

    If you are a surfing greenhorn, do not give up the enjoyment of surfing just because of an irrational fear of sharks. Here are 5 reasons why a fear of sharks should never stop you from learning to surf. 1. Men and Women do not form part of a shark's diet. There is no such thing as a man-eating shark. Men are not staple foods of sharks.

The 4 steps to overcoming your fear of sharks

    Sep 27, 2014 · The 4 steps to overcoming your fear of sharks. Entertainment. Photo: SF Brit. Emma Thieme. Sep 27, 2014. I love to swim. I love to paddle. I’m a superstar boogie boarder. I’m usually game to try pretty much any water sport, but only if it’s within a few yards of shore and in shallow / fresh enough water that I will remain at the top of ...

10 Reasons Most Sharks Won't Kill You (and one reason they ...

    2. You don’t surf in New Smyrna The shark bite capital of the world – where more people are bit annually than anywhere else – around 23 in 2007.Conveniently the home for the international shark attack foundation – The people here tempt fates with their love of surfing, knowing it is an active feeding and breeding ground for spinner and many other species of sharks.

How to Get over Your Fear of Sharks (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Nov 16, 2010 · The fear of sharks, called Galeophobia or Selachophobia, is a serious problem for some people. This fears keeps people from swimming in the ocean or going out on boats. While sharks are ocean predators, they pose a very limited threat to...80%(42)

Sharks and Surfers Shark Attack - YouTube

    Nov 24, 2011 · 10 Friendliest Sharks in the Ocean - Duration: 11:25. Down The Rabbit Hole 505,494 views. 11:25. Angry Bull Shark Randomly Attacks 30ft Boat - 4K - Duration: 12:06.

Why Are People So Afraid of Sharks? Live Science

    Jul 16, 2015 · Fear of sharks is rooted in the brain, and can be understood by examining what Ropeik called "two biological truths" about how the brain processes information. The first of these truths is that ...

I want to learn to surf but I'm scared of sharks!? Yahoo ...

    Oct 07, 2007 · Bottom line is love casts out fear and you gotta love surfing more than you fear of sharks. Think of good things like dolphins! 0 2 0. Login to reply the answers Post; will o. 1 decade ago.

How do surfers get over the fear of shark attacks? Yahoo ...

    Mar 10, 2009 · We don't get over the fear of shark attacks, because we DON"T HAVE FEAR of shark attacks to begin with. There are sharks in every ocean of the world. They live in the ocean, we are just visitors. You don't see the beaches littered with the bloody body parts of half eaten surfers, do you? Driving to the beach is far more dangerous than surfing.

Surfer Catches Wave With Shark - YouTube

    Nov 02, 2016 · Footage shot by Derik Broshar captures the moment that played out in Australia's Byron Bay.

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