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Weight Your Boat Wakeboarding Magazine
    “Putting weight in the front of the boat will normally cause the wake to be less steep, and putting weight in the back will make the wake steeper, as a general rule,” says Hansen. This means if your boat tends toward the steep side and you want to mellow it out for longer landing zones and a less-vertical pop, try throwing some weight in the bow.

Resources - Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat
    May 05, 2020 · Start with adding weight in the rear corner of the boat on the side you will be surfing on (port side of the boat for regular riders, starboard side of the boat for goofy riders). Weighting the boat to one side is required to make a clean,rideable surf wake. Starting in the rear will provide enough “push” to support a rider without the rope, which is the whole goal. From there, begin …

How to Setup & Weight Your Boat for Wakesurfing evo
    If you have a V-drive boat, the engine is near the rear of the boat. You will want to weigh down the side that you are going to wakesurf on with a greater amount of ballast next to the engine. Then, add a smaller amount of weight directly in front of that, either under the seats or on the seats, still on the side you want to wakesurf on.

How to Set Up a Boat for Wakeboarding SportsRec
    Add weight to a wakeboard-specific boat to improve wake size. You need a large wake to perform wake-to-wake jumps and in-air tricks. This lowers the boat in the water as it rides, increasing the volume of the wake, and its size. Wakeboard-specific boats will often have built in ballast tanks -- just flip a switch and the weight is added automatically.

Can You Wakeboard Behind A Bass Boat? - Boating Guide
    You may also need a ballast for the boat. Adding weight to the ship changes the wake, and with this sport, it’s all about the wake. It’s not just about making a big wake for your boarders to jump and play with, no it’s the quality of the wake that defines the extra enjoyment of the wakeboarder. You want a nice clean and uniform wake.

Resources - Weighting a V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing
    Aug 28, 2015 · Step 3 (Best) To maintain the height of the wave while increasing the push or ridable portion of the wave, begin to add more weight to the middle section of your boat on the side that you will be surfing. The amount of weight should be around 3/4" of the total weight in the rear compartment. The name of the game is weight distribution.

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