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Private Kiteboarding Lessons Kitty Hawk Kites
    We can fit the lesson to your level from total beginner riding to advanced tricks! Watercraft is included with each private lesson if required, and an additional hour of lesson time can be requested for $150* $25 Off Private Lessons. Add a Private Lesson to any other Kiteboarding Lesson and save $25 per private lesson.

Private Kiteboarding Lessons Beginner, Intermediate ...
    The private kiteboarding lessons feature one of our 20+ foot boats with plenty of room for coolers, extra kites and boards, spectators and photo journalists. Air Padre Kiteboarding provides all kiteboarding gear and equipment on the lesson. Including, but not limited to: boats, modern kites and bars, kiteboards, safeties, radio helmet, impact vest, booties, and harness.

Kitesurfing Lessons - from the Leading Kitesurfing School ...
    KITEKAHUNAS is the only kitesurfing school in the world, which offers these unique kitesurfing lessons, a beginner course in 4 modules: A, B, C and D. This curriculum we have developed and improved in Cape Town over more than 10 years. We have a 90% success rate to make our students real kitesurfers!

Kitesurfing Lessons Advanced Learn new tricks or take a ...
    Jul 10, 2017 · Kitesurfing Lessons Advanced (2 hours) We offer an Advanced Kitesurfing Lesson for who wants to learn more techniques on every kite level. This is where the COOLEST part of kite surfing begins! This lesson is for those who are able to stay upwind and want to …

Advanced / private kitesurfing lessons -
    Advanced kiteboarding / private lessons 70 Euro per hour. Advanced or private kiteboard lessons costs 70 euros per hour. We are so confident of our advanced classes that we have the following rule: Haven’t learned what you came for = money back guarantee! Private lessons beginner. Are you a beginner? Never kitesurfed before? You can book private lessons for €70,- per hour with a …

Wind Over Water Kiteboarding Lessons Kiteboarding Gear
    Surfing Lessons. Wind Over Water is the premiere surf school in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer one-on-one beginning to advanced private lessons with safety expert and big wave surfer Jeff Kafka.

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