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The History and Evolution Of Kitesurfing
    Spoiler alert: There is no age limit to learn kitesurfing. In fact, the sport is being practiced and enjoyed by children as much as seniors (and everyone in between). Our recommendation is that children should be at least 30kgs (65 lbs.) to start.

Can Anyone Learn to Kitesurf
    There’s no minimum or maximum age for kitesurfing. As I’ve mentioned, upper body strength is not a factor. Children as young as 5 can start kiting as long as they have the minimum weight required. Older people with good coordination and balance, sufficient core strength and lower body stamina, can also practice kitesurfing.

When Can My Kids Learn to Kite? — REAL Watersports
    When it comes to hitting the water and being self sufficient with full size equipment, the youngest kiter that we have taught to kiteboard, on their own, was eight years old. We find that nine to ten years old is the age range that kids have the motor skills, attention span and desire to learn to kite.Author: REAL Watersports

Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing: Getting Started inMotion ...
    Well the good news is that anybody can learn to kitesurf. From the age of 10 through to 85, Boys, Girls, Men and Woman are all enjoying this thrilling sport! In fact, as long as you are mobile, you can learn to kitesurf. Contrary to common belief, you do not have to be extraordinarily fit or strong, and girls make great kitesurfers too btw.

Kitesurfing for Beginners: 5 Essential Steps for Super ...
    Kitesurfing is the world’s fastest growing extreme sport, and for good reason; it’s exhilarating, quick to learn and above all, really fun! Some people find kitesurfing a little frustrating in the early stages, but you progress super quickly from the ‘total beginner’ stage to the …

Frequently Asked Questions About Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing
    12 years old is the cut off age for kiteboarding lessons in the water. Although, younger kids can still fly the trainer kites on land with instruction, getting them ready for the following lessons and building base level kite flying skills. ↑ Return to top Why Should I take Kiteboarding Lessons or Kitesurfing Lessons?

How to Kite Surf: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
    Sep 06, 2019 · Kite surfing is an exciting sport that combines a variety of skills. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be in crazy good shape to start learning. Beginner kitesurfing requires a moderate level of physical fitness …Author: wikiHow Staff

I want to learn to Kite Surf,. but... age is a question
    Dec 10, 2013 · It is your physical fitness level, rather than age, that dictates what you can/can't do. So if you are in relatively good shape, kiting is a fun and relatively easy sport to participate in. The learning curve can be steep, but once you get it the rest is easy. I know a 70+ guy here on Bonaire who started lessons this summer.

Kite Designs: Types of Kitesurfing Kites Simplified ...
    The easiest way to tell which end of the spectrum the kite is…look at the shape. Delta Kites. Delta Kite. Delta kites are bow kites with a much more swept back wing profile…think of an F14 with its wings drawn back in Top Gun! The precise angle of sweep is what defines a Delta kite, but most manufacturers now classify any kite with this ...

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