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Aion Ranger Kiting Guide created by Kirua
    3. Ranger Kiting Basics. Whichever your definition of kiting, it involves doing damage to a mob while trying to maintain a distance as it comes towards you. If you can kite a mob perfectly (very doable in Aion), you'd be able to kill a mob without being hit at all.

List:Chanter skills Aion Wiki Fandom
    <Rock Punch> 75 1 Stage Deals 1918-1922 physical damage to targets within 4m and absorbs part of their HP. The cooldown for Rock Fist is reset. If the target has shock and movement related abnormal status effects, it receives an additional 370-557 physical damage and part of its HP are absorbed.

DPS chanter? - Chanter - Aion EN
    i come back to aion from years break,use to play gladiator main back in the days but decided to start over with chanter now because it simple look like fun class to play and i love hybrid classes in question is how viable is dps chanter in PVE and…

    Home > About AION > Classes > Chanter Chanter. The Chanter is a master of mental strength. His body and mind undergoes rigorous training to skilfully help his allies with the power of faith. With his magic skills, mantras and staff he can not only heal, but also raise the …

Chanter - Aion EN
    Statistics. 34 Threads - 288 Posts (0.09 Posts per Day) Aion EN »; Forum »; AION - The Game »; Class Discussions »; Label Classdiscussion

OP chanters - Page 5 - Archive: Community - Aion
    Jun 16, 2019 · One of the top players in aion worldwide loosing to chanter.... he must be a badie acording to you. fact is, ... The chanter was just playing with him, kiting and healing while he was just blindly chasing trying to deal dmg, lul. ez class - ez gameplay. …

Aion - Kinny Chanter PvP 4.7 - YouTube
    Mar 22, 2015 · Game Aion; 2008; Suggested by TuneCore network by Believe Thousand Foot Krutch - Incomplete (Lyric Video) Song Courtesy Call (Rui da Silva Remix)

[Aion 5.0] How To Play Chanter Support? Properly Explained ...
    Aug 17, 2016 · [ Aion 5.3 Chanter PvP ] vs Solo / 황금의 템페르 우승을 향하여 ! - Duration: 37:44. PD SSG 11,166 views. 37:44 [SANA ASMR] 3Dio Ear Massage No Talking: Deep and Slow - Duration: 47 ...

Aion 7.0 KR HyunSoo Chanter 80 lvl Open World PVP - YouTube
    Apr 15, 2019 · Aion 7.0 Chanter pvp Hello! if you like video and want to see more subscribe to my channel and leave a comment what you think, also don't forget about like a...

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