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Aion Cleric Kiting Bakarma - YouTube
    Nov 09, 2009 · Char: Esh Legion: NEMESIS 44 Cleric Started at 41, still doing it up to 45 and maybe beyond. If you're more careful than I am during the video, this could be done a …

Kite Aion Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia
    Kiting is mainly used by castersto avoid damage from meleeNPCsor players. The main tactic is to keep the target slowed, immobilized, stunedor trappedwhile utilizing speedbuffs. This allows the caster to keep a distance while applying damage. The use of DoTs, in combination with roots, is very effective.

Aion Ranger Kiting Guide created by Kirua
    Whichever your definition of kiting, it involves doing damage to a mob while trying to maintain a distance as it comes towards you. If you can kite a mob perfectly (very doable in Aion), you'd be able to kill a mob without being hit at all.

Aion 7.5 Makarna HM Cleric POV Raging Magma & Heat ...
    Jun 11, 2020 · Aion 7.0 IDD (Cleric POV) Quick guide EN/PT - Duration: 7:24. Kika Santini 2,048 views. 7:24. Aion daily life / Devonion skillbook production and enchant / 아이온 데바니온 스킬북 ...Author: Neophysis

List:Cleric skills Aion Wiki Fandom
    <Rock Punch> 75 1 Stage Deals 1918-1922 physical damage to targets within 4m and absorbs part of their HP. The cooldown for Rock Fist is reset. If the target has shock and movement related abnormal status effects, it receives an additional 370-557 physical damage and part of its HP are absorbed.

Aion 5.3 Cleric DPS Stigma Build - The Arcade Corner
    In Aion clerics are known for both amazing DPS and even better heals. They are next to unmatched when it comes to solo content and are a necessity for any group. Clerics are very dependent on both armor and stigmas as they can change the entire focus of the class from a very powerful mage like character to that of an armored priest.

Cleric Stigmas, Set builds PVE/PVP - Aion Online
    Jan 04, 2019 · Hello, I'm trying to come back to Aion, made new cleric. And I want you to ask what Stigmas I should get for healing and for dps. What sets I should get at lvl 80 to do PVE instances, and what set I need for PVP? 0 Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Aly-DN Aly-DN Daeva; Cleric; 4000 posts ...

Clerig pvp - block or agility set?? - PvP ... - Aion Online
    Dec 26, 2017 · Most cleric block sets nowadays linger between 5.4k ~ 5.8k block (not counting external buffs such as Word of Protection), while high end Precision sets can break 6K Accuracy (since the amount of Accuracy you get from Archdaeva stones got boosted with the latest patches), so you won't be blocking anything at that point, though the fact that you made them switch from their power/atk set to …

Clerics VS Bards - General Discussion - Aion EN
    Upside for bard is the cc (esp aoe penguin), mana drain + refill, silence + bind, group shield at 72 (here cleric gets cast speed reduce on heals by 20% for your group though), movement slow (cleric has this too, but 2nd part of a chain which requires a 1.5s cast for the first part), the ease of the cc dispel with clearing melody vs precasting ...

Whats the preffered weapon of Clerics? - Aion Message ...
    I basically used a staff all the way up to level 22 as a cleric. At that point i had enough chain skills to never have to melee to kill a single mob so I decided to use a shield to stay alive a bit longer. The staff for me was the better choice because I knew I would be solo for …

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