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Aion Ranger Kiting Guide created by Kirua
    3. Ranger Kiting Basics. Whichever your definition of kiting, it involves doing damage to a mob while trying to maintain a distance as it comes towards you. If you can kite a mob perfectly (very doable in Aion), you'd be able to kill a mob without being hit at all.

Aion Ranger Class Guide created by Takyn
    This guide was created by Takyn of the Ranger Forums on Aionsource. All credit for this guide goes to him. ... 2.7 Kiting A Ranger relies heavily on kiting in PvE as well as PvP, which means using your abilites like Entangling Shot, Spike Trap and various stuns to maintain enough range to your opponent to be able to deal damage while keeping ...

So you want to Learn Ranger? (Guide) - Ranger - Aion EN
    Images used in this guide are for reference only. When my current gear is updated, I will add that as a final reference Ranger PVP Equipment Ranger Pve Equipment Consumables Manastone's Ranger Stats Pvp Stigma's Stigma's Pve Power of Creation Youtube Links! A video by Sywo San where he talks about Ranger. AION 5.0 - Are you a good ranger? Jump ...

Aion Ranger Completed Guide Aion Online Cheats
    Mar 06, 2010 · Aion Ranger Completed Guide. ... Although there are arguments going on which one is better, due to the nature of Aion's kiting with its movement modifiers, maintaining a forward movement at all times is actually encouraged as opposed to other popular games where you tend to strafe while kiting. Keep this in mind when choosing a movement style.

Ranger Aion Wiki Fandom
    Class Summary Edit. The Ranger class is the ranged weapon expert of Aion and deals extensive damage from afar by using their bow to launch deadly arrows to destroy their victim. The Ranger is a ranged dps class with one or two skills of CC ability.. Play Style Edit. The Ranger excels at long range burst type dps and is exclusively considered a dps class. While Rangers do have a variety of ...

New Player Guide Aion Wiki Fandom
    This guide contains basics to help you enjoy Aion, and progress through levels and quests. Read on and learn what many players already know - where to get quests, what weapons and manastones are best for a certain class of player, and how to get groups when needed. Contents[show] Game Basics Binding to an Obelisk As soon as possible, bind to an obelisk, which costs kinah. This becomes the ...

The Ultimate Aethertech PVP Guide (4.6) - GUIDES - Perfect ...
    Nov 24, 2019 · Ranger () Difficulty : Hard. Almost as stun savvy as their dual-wielding cousins. How you can get knocked back and put to sleep with a bunch of sticks is beyond me, but this is Aion; a land where ships fly and Daeva's can't swim.

RANGER BUILD HELP! - General Discussion - Aion Online
    Dec 11, 2017 · The advance techniques are not necessary but they do provide you with mobility and more effective kiting. Overall this should give you a general idea on how you can play ranger using that specific stigma build I mentioned above in PVE Solo play.

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