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Aion Kiting Guide - YouTube
    Sep 27, 2009 · Aion Ranger Kiting Guide on Live Server a Basic Tutorial on how to kite effectively and well in Aion using the ranger class Using this guide you should be able to kite melee mobs throughout the ...Author: NicisVik

Aion Ranger Kiting Guide created by Kirua
    3. Ranger Kiting Basics. Whichever your definition of kiting, it involves doing damage to a mob while trying to maintain a distance as it comes towards you. If you can kite a mob perfectly (very doable in Aion), you'd be able to kill a mob without being hit at all.

Aion ranger weaving kiting and jump shot - YouTube
    Jul 04, 2010 · Here's a quick look at tricks and mechanics of the ranger in Aion. It's a pretty weak game, but unintended stuff like this is fun to play with. A shame the developers couldn't get anything right ...

Ranger Aion Wiki Fandom
    Class Summary Edit. The Ranger class is the ranged weapon expert of Aion and deals extensive damage from afar by using their bow to launch deadly arrows to destroy their victim. The Ranger is a ranged dps class with one or two skills of CC ability.. Play Style Edit. The Ranger excels at long range burst type dps and is exclusively considered a dps class. While Rangers do have a variety of ...

Tips for templars to counter kiting? - Aion
    For Aion on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tips for templars to counter kiting?".

Aion Ranger Class Guide created by Takyn
    Ranger - HellBound - Aion Gaming Guild and Community Terhix' Stigma Calculator - Ranger. 10 Media. YouTube - AION - Ranger new class intro - Ranger class intro YouTube - Aion 25 Ranger PvE - Ranger 25 pve jumpshots (beta, HD) YouTube - Aion Asmodian Ranger 40 - 42 PvP Movie Vol.1 - Ranger 40-42 group and solo pvp by xMinDeathx (korean, HD)

How Do You Kite With an Aion Ranger? - EzineArticles
    Kiting is the secret of playing the Aion Ranger in PvP, which is the tactic of keeping an opponent at a distance, so that Rangers can continuously shoot at them. The Ranger needs to keep opponents out of melee range, because they have fragile amour, and will not last long in a toe to toe fight.

List:Ranger skills Aion Wiki Fandom
    <Rock Punch> 75 1 Stage Deals 1918-1922 physical damage to targets within 4m and absorbs part of their HP. The cooldown for Rock Fist is reset. If the target has shock and movement related abnormal status effects, it receives an additional 370-557 physical damage and part of its HP are absorbed.

Aion: Official Site
    Aion brings you a stunning MMORPG you'll disccover abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons and epic battles!

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