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Turbulence Modeling Resource
    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Learn more

WAKEFOIL Foil Board Complete Package - WakeMAKERS
    Hop on a WAKEFOIL, elevate your riding, and experience the indescribable sensation of floating high above the water. The WAKEFOIL Board is designed to bring a whole new element of fun to your days on the water. No matter the rider, the boat, the water conditions, the WAKEFOIL is guaranteed fun every day on the water.

Airfoil Wake - Application Note V3V-003
    AIRFOIL WAKE APPLICATION NOTE V3V-003 Airfoil wakes find themselves under constant scrutiny due to their importance in the fields of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. In this study, the flow around a NACA 0009 airfoil was measured in a water channel with cross-sectional dimensions of 180 mm × 180 mm in order to examine the nature of the

Airfoil-Wake Modification with Gurney Flap at Low Reynolds ...
    The complex wake modifications produced by a Gurney flap on symmetric NACA airfoils at low Reynolds number are investigated. Two-dimensional incompressible flows over NACA 0000 (flat plate), 0006, 0012, and 0018 airfoils at a Reynolds number of Re=1.0×103 are analyzed numerically to examine the flow modifications generated by the flaps for achieving lift enhancement.Cited by: 10

Wake structure and similar behavior of wake profiles ...
    Aug 01, 2017 · The airfoil under consideration was a critical section of a 660 kW wind turbine. The results show that for a flapping airfoil the wake structure can be of drag producing type, thrust producing or neutral, depending on the mean angle of attack, …Cited by: 2

Vortical patterns in the wake of an oscillating airfoil ...
    May 17, 2012 · Investigating chaotic wake dynamics past a flapping airfoil and the role of vortex interactions behind the chaotic transition Physics of Fluids, Vol. 30, No. 4 Experimental observations of the three-dimensional wake structures and dynamics generated by a rigid, bioinspired pitching panel

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