Are You Sorry For Kiting My Fello Warriors

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Warrior vs. kiting BM hunters - Warrior - Wowhead Forums
    Apr 02, 2008 · BM Hunters are difficult for a warrior. When they activate Beastial Wrath, you're as good as dead unless you outgear them - can't hamstring, can't fear, and don't even waste a stun (concussion blow), nada. Hell you can't even kite their pet. So it's quite useless to try to hamstring or stun a BM Hunter when he has activated Beastial Wrath.

No cheating with Fear kiting :-) Forum
    Aug 10, 2015 · So if some of you had the same idea than me, don't waste your time camping Xalgoz or creating a Cazic-Thule cleric to do the Initiate quest, the available clicky Fear (the live one and the undead one) won't work on high level trash in the custom zones. No cheating with Fear kiting, and Innothule crocodiles will continue shooting arrows at you :-)

Calling out to fellow Hive Warriors HiveWire 3D Community
    Jun 16, 2020 · I hate asking so directly but I am in a serious bind. Are any of my fellow Hive Warriors either in Western Massachusetts or Northeastern Ohio and might be willing to donate time and muscle to help me load/unload a moving truck? Even without my numerous health issues it would be impossible for me to move the larger furniture alone.

HELP!! Trying to make sure my fellow 4/C doesn't get ...
    Oct 29, 2013 · Good evening all, My name is Shane, I am a 4/C MIDN. My friend and fellow 4/C got busted with public urination over the weekend. The police officer apparently was nice and understanding, and must have realized that just being in that situation scared the hell out of the kid, because he did not charge him with underage drinking.

Gameloft Forums • Guardian Warriors - what are you stackin...
    My only character is a lvl 23 guardian warrior, which I chose because it's the obvious tank spec. I tanked in WOW and loved it and I'd like to tank in OnC as well (whenever it may be that I get the chance to)My question to my fellow guardian warriors is: what stat are you stacking? In WOW, tanks stacked stamina because it gave you more health. Strength was also good for melee attack power to ...

    dec 23, 2014 - december 25!!!! merry christmas my fellow warriors fangirls!!!!! :d may starclan light all of your paths!!!!

Scary Mommy
    Jun 15, 2017 · So don’t count on casseroles, gift cards, fundraising sites, or encouraging social media posts, my fellow warriors. Dig in your heels, build your village strong and true, and be grateful for the few you find who you can be honest with when they ask how you and your sweet children are doing. I wish you love, and above all, life.

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