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Back Roll - Wakeboardering Tricks and Tips
    The Back Roll is usually the first invert a wakeboarder learns. It's a commonly done trick that isn't too difficult once you have the proper technique and edge. It can be done small, or taken extremely big, and lots of tricks build off of it. Prerequisties Before trying a Back Roll you should be …

How to Heelside Back Roll on a Wakeboard PUSH Action ...
    Back Roll Prerequisites and Setup. Obviously you need to be able to do wake to wake airs smoothly and consistently, probably with some grabs. That’s pretty much the only prerequisite, although I’d highly recommend being able to backflip and maybe sideflip on a trampoline for that body and air awareness.

Heelside Back Roll - Wakeboarding MicBergsma - YouTube
    Backroll is one of easy inverts to learn on.... My first invert was tantrum then heelside backroll then toeside backroll. Best tricks to learn for first time...

Wakeboarder :: Back roll consistency
    Aug 23, 2011 · I learned how to back roll last week and I have done at least 2 back rolls each session, but I cannot seem to get it consistent. It usually takes 3-4 attempts before landing it. Once I land it, it is a very smooth one, but the first few attempts are rough lol. Tricks and Tips - Roll to Revert
    Wakeboarding News: Roll to Revert Rider: Ryan Stephens The Roll to Revert is probably the easiet invert to learn after you learn a Back Roll. It's actually a more natural rotation, but it's a little harder than the Back Roll because you land switch. A lot of style can be added to it by grabbing melan, mute, or nose. Prerequisties ...

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