Best Places To Kiteboard In Europe

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Best kitesurfing spots in Europe -
    Best kitesurfing spots in Europe for beginners 1) Tarifa, Spain The most southern part of Spain on the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. This is the famous "capital of the winds" – Tarifa.

Best places to kitesurf, month by month! - Kite Jungle
    Discover the best kitesurfing spots across the world. Nobody really likes to kitesurf in cold, leave the wetsuit at home and follow the wind. Kite during summer in Europe, and escape the winter to South America, Asia, Africa or the Carribean or even the Middle East and discover windy places …

Windy kitesurf spots in July - Global Kite Spots
    In July the European summer is in full swing, with clockwork winds for kitesurfing all over the Meds. Easterly trade winds are also in place, hitting Africa’s East coast and nearby islands like Madagascar and Mauritius. Here are the world’s best kitesurf spots in July.

    Welcome to Global Kite Spots. One of the largest, constantly updated and maintained online resources for kitesurfers planning their next kitesurf holiday. If you’re a kiteboarder and you’re planning your next kitesurf trip, you’ve come to the right place. Global Kite Spots lists kitesurfing …

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