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Choosing The Best Wakeboard Size Using Height and Weight ...
    Apr 03, 2018 · Wakeboard Length. Wakeboard length can be skewed shorter or longer according to your body type and skill level. If you are shorter than average in regards to your recommended weight, your weight should take precedence. You should go with the recommended wakeboard size that is specified on the size chart in order to give you more surface area and float.

Wakeboard size chart - wakeboard buyers guide
    For a family board that will fit Mom, Dad, and Older Children and Teens, a 136 is a good length unless riders are over 200 lbs or are under 100 lbs. Pick the right type of wakeboard. Are you going to use the wakeboard with a boat, or use it in a lake that has a Cable Park? more durable and designed for intermediate and advanced riders.

5 Best Wakeboards - Aug. 2020 - BestReviews
    It's important to select a wakeboard that is the correct length for you, and that length depends on your weight. While you shouldn't ride a board that's too short, you can ride a longer board. In fact, beginners might want to size up slightly because it's easier to stay balanced on a longer wakeboard.

Wakeboarding Tips - Towing Speed, Rope length & How To ...
    The proper wakeboard rope length will put the rider just in front of the point where the wake turns from a clean ramp into mushy whitewater, usually between 65’ and 85’ depending on ability, speed, and the size of the wake. If you were to look at your wake from above, you’d notice that it fans out from the back of your boat like a ‘V’.

Best Wakeboard for Big Guys - Top Wake Boards for Larger ...
    Generally, many people find 140-centimeter boards to be comfortable, but if you have a higher than average weight, you could use something larger. As you go up from 140 centimeters, more and more weight is supported. At 144 centimeters, weights in the mid to upper 200s can be carried.

How to Choose Wakeboard Ropes and Handles evo
    A good wakeboarding rope length for a beginner to start with is around 65 feet. Wake shape and width can vary greatly, so the right rope length is key. Once you are comfortable riding, pick a length that lets you comfortably jump and clear the wake. If you are having …

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