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Chiba - Surfing in Japan
    Chiba also is the home of a number of contest sites including world surfing events held every year. Consistant is the word when describing Chiba and you can almost always be guaranteed a decent wave as well as a decent crowd here. Best season is August thru October when the typhoons come through. Gets pretty crowded though with the weekend crew from Tokyo and surrounding areas.

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    The Chiba coast east of the Tokyo metropolitan area is accessible to literally millions of Japanese surfers, and “Shida” as it is known, is one of the most popular surfing areas in the country.

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    According to most in the Japanese surfing world, Ichinomiya is the best beach break in Chiba. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic committee agrees with this and has made this town the host of the first ever Olympic surfing competition. To get to Ichinomiya Beach it’s best to drive as the closest station to the beach is good 30-minute walk away.

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    Most of the surfing action in Chiba happens along two main areas: The Kujukuri Beach line, and along Road 128 from Taito to Katsuura. Both of these areas are accessible by car or by the Sotobo JR Line, although as pointed out by Del from.

Chiba Prefecture Surf Reports and Surfing
    Surfing is now a well-established sport that has been growing in popularity since WW II. Kanagawa, Ibaraki and Shizuoka areas all have some good spots but the most popular surf zone for Tokyo-based surfers is the Chiba peninsula, a mere 30min drive from the city.

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