Classic Warrior Hamstring Kiting

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So warrior kiting is not only not possible, it is somehow ...
    Aug 28, 2019 · Look for the reddit thread on it or comments in the past 2 days on hamstring kiting tutorials from years ago. hamstring kiting that made warrior leveling bearable is not here anymore. Why? this uses the 7.3.5 engine. enemies act the same way in classic as they do in retail. even the infinite kiting from actual vanilla seems to be (thankfully) gone.

Hamstring - Spell - World of Warcraft
    Hamstring: PVE debuff lasts 15s PVP debuff lasts 8s Can be improved by a 2/2 talent in arms tree: 1/2 2/2 Atm there is no other talent or glyph to buff this ability. But the Warrior PVP set offers a bonus: Hamstring Rage Reduction on the gloves.

Classic WoW Warrior Leveling Guide & Best Leveling Spec 1 ...
    Apr 16, 2020 · 1) Hamstring Kiting. This technique is very important if you want to minimize damage taken. For most of your time leveling as a warrior you're going to be using a 2h weapon which will have a much slower swing speed than your NPC enemy's autoattack timer. By using the hamstring kiting method you can reduce damage taken during leveling by almost 50%!

WoW Classic Warrior Starter Build and Leveling Guide - Odealo
    WoW Classic Warrior Starter Build and Leveling Guide Check out the best Leveling/Starter build for the Warrior class in World of Warcraft Classic. ... Learn and Master the above-mentioned Hamstring Kiting Method. It will allow you to maximize your uptime which will have a great positive effect on your leveling speed. Also, get a Swing Timer addon.

WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide 1-60 - WoW Classic ...
    Leveling with a premade group in dungeons is a popular way to level in WoW Classic, and theorycraft has been done on maximizing dungeon DPS as a Warrior by always using Sunder Armor and Rend, as well as Thunder Clap against 3+ enemies. Use these talents to level as quickly as possible until level 35 and swap to these talents from there on for maximum efficiency.

Classic WoW - Warrior Leveling Guide (1-60) - Best Tips
    Warrior leveling guide 1-60 for Classic WoW Leveling as a warrior is really tough in wow classic / vanilla. Check out our warrior guide to help you during this hard time. Best spec, best gear, be the the first warrior to reach lvl 60!

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