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Safety Basics Couchsurfing
    Reporting safety concerns to Couchsurfing helps keep future Couchsurfers safe. Confidentially report negative experiences or safety concerns here. Need Assistance? Contact Our Safety Team. Surfing the Sahara. Moustafa Cheaiteli crossed the Sahara desert using only local transportation and Couchsurfing. Read this and more stories.

Поиск места остановиться в г. Europe Couchsurfing
    Пользователи Couchsurfing открывают двери своих домов, знакомят с городами, в которых живут и делятся своей жизнью. Благодаря этому путешествие в любую точку мира становится поистине незабываемым переживанием.

9 Tips for Safe Couchsurfing- Hippie in Heels
    hi Rachel. Your blog is awesome. I agree with the safety tips. I am planning a trip to brazil for the world cup. It will be my first experience with couch surfing. I still have some doubts. I am also afraid I might not be able to host many people from around the world in my city because I am busy at times. I’ve been saving some money.

Is Couchsurfing safe? – Couchsurfing FAQs
    The vast majority of Couchsurfing experiences are not only safe, but outright life changing. Taking responsibility for your personal safety when traveling is important. And it's just as important when you're using Couchsurfing. We take your safety seriously. So should you.

Couchsurfing Safety: How I Learned Safety Rules the Hard Way
    Apr 04, 2013 · Your safety is the most important thing. How I Learned Couchsurfing Safety Rules the Hard Way Related Reading. A 6-Step Guide to Hosting Couchsurfers Couchsurfing in Barcelona A Conversation with Couchsurfing’s Jen Wong How to Choose Between Hostels, Airbnb and Couchsurfing 5 Tips for First-time Couchsurfers. Have you tried Couchsurfing?

What Is Couchsurfing? Important Safety Tips and Advice
    Although staying with complete strangers seem inherently dangerous, particularly if you watch the nightly news, the social-network system on is designed to weed out bad hosts and guests. A lot of emphasis (tips, suggestions, etc) is placed on safety—for obvious reasons.

Couchsurfing Safety: Why I Recommend It and How to Be Safe
    Jun 27, 2017 · The idea can have its own set of safety concerns- both for the surfer and the host. It is therefore important to observe couchsurfing safety tips at all times. Now it’s not all take, take, take! I am strongly against just surfing and not giving anything back. Therefore, I regularly host when I am at home.

Is Couchsurfing safe? - Quora
    I had 2 sexual assault cases through Couchsurfing. The first guy who did it has more than 10 positive references on his profile. We chatted a bit on Whatsapp before we met. I even mentioned a bit that any sexual involvement through Couchsurfing is...

Couchsurfing Europe - Everything You Need to Know - Travel ...
    Mar 07, 2019 · Couchsurfers Europe. The benefit of couch surfing Europe is that most places are safe, and have many hostels as a back-up plan in case things go wrong. European couchsurfers usually also have a lot of experience on the site, hosting travelers often, and are open-minded and fun!

Couchsurfing Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of ...
    Safety is a joke. Anyone, women especially, thinking about using Couchsurfing should have serious concerns about safety and the ‘verification’ process. Please listen to a podcast called Verified detailing how an Italian police officer got away with using Couchsurfing to drug and rape innumerable young women over a more than 2 year period.

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