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is couchsurfing safe - A World to Travel.

    I can’t see that using the couchsurfing site would be much different really, so I say go for it, it’s definitely an experience and a chance to meet some interesting people! Inma on 5 July, 2013 at 01:29

Couch surfing: the dangerous undercurrents The Salvation ...

    Couch surfing: the dangerous undercurrents. Share; Mark’s 1 home life was “pretty good” until his mother remarried. ... young people who “couch surf” face some very real dangers and challenges. “There is the constant stress of waiting to be tossed out on the street any time. They feel very vulnerable and it is extra hard for those ...

Is Couchsurfing Safe? - Backpacking Diplomacy

    Couchsurfing is still great but there is 10% men being a problem on the site. In Dubai for example, if a woman is raped, she would be jailed for this. It is like in Pakistan where 80% of the women jailed are jailed because having being raped.

World's Best and Worst Couchsurfing Stories [NSFW ...

    Jul 13, 2014 · When you get that message through on Couchsurfing saying someone has agreed to host you, it’s always really exciting. You’re going to meet someone new, see the local side of a place, and have an awesome time – or are you? I’ve heard a lot of tall tales about Couchsurfing from travellers on the road, and here are some of the best (and worst)…

What are the risks of couchsurfing? - Quora

    I can answer this question with what possible risks you may have to bear while couchsurfing in countries like India, where the chances of fraud are more than you think. 1.) If you are a girl : Be Aware!! Couchsurfing in India being a single girl or in a group of girls is slightly more risky if you avoide any guideline to select a host.

Couch Surfing: 5 Hosts To Watch Out For Thought Catalog

    Many people immediately dismiss the concept of couch surfing as being dangerous, creepy, etc., but my experiences have been 99% positive. The 1% of negative experiences were of such comedic and anecdotal value that they more than made up for the temporary awkwardness. Here is my top five commonly encountered types of couch surfing hosts that I ...

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