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Doerner, Darrick - Encyclopedia of Surfing

    Doerner, Darrick Terse big-wave surfer from Hawaii; a top performer at Waimea Bay from the early '80s to the early '90s, and one of the original tow surfers. Doerner was born (1957) in Fresno, California, the son of a French-born mother and a former Santa Barbara County lifeguard, and …

Darrick Doerner: Cool to a Fault SURFER Magazine

    Jul 22, 2014 · A year or so later Darrick moved out of Venice, and a year or so after that he landed in Hawaii, where he did a big-wave apprenticeship under Tiger Espere and Eddie Aikau. At some point along the way Darrick began to overplay his cool hand. Not the surfing part.

Darrick Doerner, Riding Giants Surfing waves, Big wave ...

    Teahupoo was lit up by a massive swell a few days ago. And as they do, a few of the best big wave surfers in the world showed up to throw themselves over some of the biggest ledges in the world.

Big wave surfers Club of the Waves - Surf Art & Photography

    Laird’s fearless approach to big wave riding has earned him the respect and admiration he deserves from surfers around the world, continuing to push the boundaries of his own mortality. Truly a great waterman. Darrick Doerner. Big wave surfer, North Shore lifeguard, tow-in pioneer, and Hollywood surf action stuntman.

Biggest Waves Ever Surfed - Nazare - YouTube

    Feb 01, 2017 · In August 2012, a freak wave killed a 5 year old British girl and her grandfather walking along Salgado Beach. Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing.Author: Joge Mysteries


    May 18, 2018 · Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing. Challenging deadly waves in harsh weather and ocean conditions takes a very serious approach. ... Darrick Doerner …

Jamie O'Brien: the Pipeline Master who just wants to have fun

    Jul 24, 2020 · O'Brien started surfing at the age of three with the help of his Australian lifeguard father, Frank O'Brien, and big wave surfer Darrick Doerner. Frank was always pushing his son to the surf and had the dream of watching him win a world title.

Things you didn't know about the original "Point Break"

    Darrick Doerner was the stunt chosen for the "50-Year Storm" big wave surfing scene; Are you a fan of surfing movies? Check out our list of the best surf films of all time.

Jaws: interesting facts about Maui's big wave surfing break

    Jan 14, 2020 · Jaws became one of the most famous waves in the world in the 1990s when Laird Hamilton and Kalama, alongside Darrick Doerner and Buzzy Kerbox - the "Strapped Crew" - and also Rush Randle, Pete Cabrinha, Mike Waltze, and Lickle "invented" tow-in surfing;

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