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Doerner, Darrick - Encyclopedia of Surfing

    Doerner, Darrick Terse big-wave surfer from Hawaii; a top performer at Waimea Bay from the early '80s to the early '90s, and one of the original tow surfers. Doerner was born (1957) in Fresno, California, the son of a French-born mother and a former Santa Barbara County lifeguard, and began surfing at …

Darrick Doerner - Owner/Operator - Darrick Doerner's SEA ...

    Darrick Doerner's SEA(Surf, Education, Awareness) Adventures, based on the North Shore of Oahu, is a program born from the desire to share knowledge and aloha with our fellow surfers.Title: Owner/Operator at Darrick …

Darrick Doèrner - MFC US

    Darrick Doerner is a big wave pioneer in the sport of tow-in surfing, in which personal water craft are used to tow surfers into large surf. Also known by the nickname, Double D, Doerner is an accomplished big wave surfer himself.

Darrick Doerner: Cool to a Fault SURFER Magazine

    Jul 22, 2014 · To this day, my 83-year-old mother makes fun of the way I used to worship Darrick Doerner. Lifts her eyebrows, arranges her wrinkled old dowager puss to approximate that of a know-it-all teenager, talks in a drawly early-’70s surf patois, imitating me imitating Darrick, and it is horrible.

Amazon.com: Riding Giants [Blu-ray]: Darrick Doerner, Dave ...

    Jan 05, 2010 · Product Description. From acclaimed director Stacy Peralta comes Riding Giants, the story of big wave surfing. Breakingthe mold of traditional documentary filmmaking, Riding Giants uses its dynamic, cross-generational approach to profile the lives and times of the intrepid surfers who over the decades have dedicated themselves to finding and successfully challenging the biggest waves on earth.Reviews: 368

Things you didn't know about the original "Point Break"

    16. The movie includes scenes of Johnny Utah surfing regular and goofy; 17. The final sequence of "Point Break" was not shot at Bells Beach, Australia, but at a surf break located in Oregon; 18. Darrick Doerner was the stunt chosen for the "50-Year Storm" big wave surfing scene; Are you a fan of surfing …


    Jan 27, 2017 · Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing. Challenging deadly waves in harsh weather and ocean conditions takes a very serious approach. ... Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko ...Author: Absolutely Flawless

Breaking: Hawaii’s first surfing world champ and two-time ...

    Uncle Dez, gone… The great Derek Ho, brother to Michael, uncle to Mason and Coco, four-time Triple Crown winner, two-time Pipe Master and Hawaii’s first-ever men’s world champ (1993) has died, aged fifty-five.. Earlier today, Ho was reported as being on a ventilator and in a coma with friends and family, including his older brother Michael and legendary lifeguard Darrick Doerner, at his ...

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