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Check kiting definition — AccountingTools
    Check kiting is the deliberate issuance of a check for which there is not sufficient cash to pay the stated amount. The mechanics of this fraud scheme are as follows: Write a check for which there is not sufficient cash in the payer's account. Create a checking account at a different bank. Deposit the fraudulent check in the checking account that was just opened.

What is Kiting? - Definition Meaning Example
    Definition: Kiting, also called check kiting, is a fraudulent scheme that uses checks to embezzle money from a business. Kiting is usually committed by a bookkeeper or someone else with access to company checks and the ability to forge checks, but it can also be used by the company.

Kiting Definition - Investopedia
    May 07, 2019 · Kiting is the fraudulent use of a financial instrument to obtain additional credit that is not authorized. Kiting encompasses two main types of fraud: Issuing or …

What is Check Kiting? - Definition Meaning Example
    Home » Accounting Dictionary » What is Check Kiting? Definition: Check kiting is a fraudulent procedure where checks in transit are used to fund issued checks. It is a way to fool the bank by depositing a check from another entity to create a false positive balance that funds new checks being issued. What Does Check Kiting Mean?

What is check kiting? definition and meaning ...
    check kiting. Fraudulent scheme in which checks are issued against funds that a bank has credited into an account for deposited but uncleared checks (see check clearing). In effect, it is like an interest free and unauthorized loan which, with careful timing of deposits and withdrawals, can be turned into a large sum.

Check-kiting Legal Definition Merriam-Webster Law Dictionary
    Legal Definition of check-kiting. : the practice of drawing on uncollected funds during the time needed to clear a check deposited in a bank especially if the check is worthless. — called also kiting. Note: Check-kiting typically works this way: a check drawn on insufficient funds in one bank is deposited in a second bank, and the funds represented by the check are immediately withdrawn from …

Check kiting Definition
    What is check kiting? Check kiting is the illegal process of writing a check off of a bank account with inadequate funds to cover that check. Check kiting relies on the fact that it takes banks a...

    KITTING, in definition Is cheating by using bank checks in different service areas as an aid to make a cash balance or money freely. With the withdrawal of funds in one bank, which will be deposited in another bank. And will be withdrawn and will be recorded in the Bank's third and so on.

Lapping fraud — AccountingTools
    Lapping occurs when an employee alters accounts receivable records in order to hide the theft of cash.This is done by diverting a payment from one customer, and then hiding the theft by diverting cash from another customer to offset the receivable from the first customer.This type of fraud can be conducted in perpetuity, since newer payments are continually being used to pay for older debts ...

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