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Kite Downwind Brazil – Kitesurfing Downwinder Trips
    Kitesurf, Brazil, Downwind. Kite Trips Cumbuco, Brazil Contact us for Custom Trips . Impove your kiting. Next level Freeriding, waveriding, frestyle Book a Lesson . Unique locations Windy Endless waves Custumize your trip with us ...

Downwind Brazil: kitesafari experience in Brazil
    Downwinds along the Northeast coast of Brazil When it comes to Kitesafaris, Brazil offers the best and widest variety hands down thanks to its geographical location and trade winds which blow from July all the way through to January. In the northeast of Brazil you will discover a mind-blowing 1200 km of coastline kitesurfing downwind.

Downwind Kite Safari - Downwind Brazil
    A downwind kitesafari brings you the adventure of doing a several days-long ongoing downwinder along the tropical and largely deserted sandy beaches of Ceará, Piaui and Maranhão in North Brazil. And it comes with the service and support to make it a truly enjoyable tour with a minimum of worries and plenty of new things to see and experience.

Brazil Downwind Kite Safari Kitesurfing Kiteboarding
    The best thing about kitesurfing in Brazil are the downwind kitesurfing trips. The concept with this is to kite downwind along the coast, near many beaches and villages. On your downwind you may stop at wave spots, flat lagoons, rivers and sleep every night at a different village.

Downwind Kitesurf Brazil - Kitexperiment
    The term “downwind” refers to starting from one point and arriving at another in the direction of the wind. It is another way of travelling to discover the extent of the Brazilian coastline. A 4×4 follows you on the beach allowing you to take a break, get hydrated and change your kitesurfing equipment to enjoy your kite safari.

    Apr 10, 2020 · BRAZIL’S DOWNWIND KITE SAFARIS AND WAVE CLINIC DOWNWINDER Freeride Kitesurf offer different downwind kite safari routes in the northeast of Brazil that combine challenge and adventure, as well as time to relax in some of the region’s top kite spots.

The Freeride Kitesurf Team – 2019 Downwind Adventures in ...
    The Freeride Kitesurf team has some new and exciting downwind adventures for this 2019 windy season in Brazil. Are you going to miss out on these kitesurfing experiences? Freeride Kitesurf specialises in organising unique downwind adventures and tailor-made trips along the coasts of Brazil, South Africa and Spain. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and discover some of the best, if not the best unspoilt and uncrowded spots with unbeatable kitesurfing …

Brazilian kitesafari: Multi-day downwind kitesurfing in Brazil
    Multi-day downwind kitesurfing in Brazil. Downwinders allow you to kite in the direction of the wind while enjoying the variety Brazil offers. Explore colossal dunes, lush lagoons and the warm Caribbean waters of Brazil’s northern coastline.

Kitesurf Brothers – Kitetrips Brazil
    We have been organizing Downwind trips for 5 years and our goal is to take good care of our customers during their stay. With our unique and experienced kite wave coaches, we bring our customers to a higher level of kitesurfing skills on the waves.

Kitesurfing Brazil: best kitesurf spots in Brazil
    With Freeride Kitesurf you can go kitesurfing in Brazil, one of the best kitesurf destinations in the world. Explore the best kite spots in Bazil +34 660 484 782 [email protected]

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