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Eddie Rothman is Back, and He's Pissed The Inertia

    Jan 09, 2015 · But Eddie Rothman has been in Hawaii for decades. So when does one become a local in Hawaii? Here’s the thing about Eddie’s battle against the WSL and the state of professional surfing …

Eddie Rothman: "Stone cold fucking idiots!" BeachGrit

    Eddie Rothman: “Stone cold fucking idiots!” By Chas Smith. 2 years ago. ... John John anybody who has ever made their career out of surfing… you know, modern day contest surfing was put together by the Duke, you know, this is the Duke’s legacy these beachboys. This is from the Hawaiian people to all the most famous people who were ever ...

Makua Rothman - Wikipedia

    Rothman credits his surfing ability in large part to his father, Eddie Rothman. As a child, Rothman suffered from asthma, making surfing a personally difficult and dangerous pursuit. His father decided to involve him in various sports such as soccer, baseball, football, and water polo as strenuous workouts seemed to help relieve his asthma.

Meet The Rothman Family - SURFER Magazine

    Specific introductions aren’t needed for Eddie Rothman, his reputation precedes him as they say. Founder of notorious surf club Da Hui, written about as a Mafioso-type character, slap-bestower to industry types…bottom line: Don’t fuck with the Rothmans. Period.

Surfing Localism Gone Wild Violent Tales from The ...

    For over three decades Eddie Rothman has had a big say in what does, and doesn’t, happen on the North Shore of Oahu. It was Eddie Rothman that led the threats against Rabbit Bartholomew and the Aussie pro surfers back in 1977 who he thought weren’t showing enough respect to the local surfers. This year he is still flying the flag.

Eddie Rothman - WSL aka ASP put your money where your ...

    Jan 07, 2015 · Makua Rothman Discusses Eddie Rothman, Kala Alexander, Family, and Music - The Inertia - Duration: 7:41. The Inertia 94,984 viewsAuthor: Eddie Rothman

The most feared surf gangs in the world - Surfertoday

    The "Hui O He'e Nalu", also known as the "Black Shorts" or "Da Hui", were founded by Eddie Rothman, in 1975, in Oahu.Initially, they were hired to water patrol surf contests, but their reputation also involved trouble. "When I go out and surf, don't bother me, don't bother my kids, don't bother the …

BITCH SLAP at the Billabong Pro Tahiti EpicTV Surf ...

    Aug 18, 2013 · Eddie Rothman Speaks The Truth on our Snake of Hawai'i Government & City Officials. ... Koa Rothman 119,863 views. 14:21. ... Red Bull Surfing 232,853 views.

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational

    The Eddie is the premier Event in the sport of Surfing – The Super Bowl of Surfing. The Eddie Big Wave Invitational celebrates the current lineage of big wave surfers, as well as the ones that came before. The legend of Eddie Aikau is an important part of Hawaiian Culture.

r/surfing - Why does Makua Rothman talk very hawaiian but ...

    Eddie Rothman moved here as a kid. If you live in a place for your entire life your speaking manner will change. If you transplant a young kid in Texas there's a damn good chance he'll be all "y'all" or whatever after fifty years. I've only been living in Hawaii for ten years and I have to make an effort not to ape the speech mannerisms of my ...

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