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elevator surfing - Wiktionary

    elevator surfing. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English . English Wikipedia has an article on: elevator surfing. Wikipedia . Noun . elevator surfing (uncountable) The practice of riding on the top of elevator cars, outside the actual confines of the car.

Elevator Safety Elevator Wiki Fandom

    Elevators can be dangerous if used in an improper manner or if vandals damage the safety systems such as the door interlocks so they can hide drugs in the lift shaft. Engineers train for years before they maintain an elevator. When waiting for elevators Know your destination., Push the elevator call button once for the direction you want to go in., Look and listen for the signal announcing ...

Children Are Too Young To Die Educational Film Wiki Fandom

    The slang is called "elevator surfing", "elevator action" or "elevator chicken" and it is a deadly game in which groups of children ride up and down the elevator shafts on top of a moving elevator car and jump from one moving car to the top of another.

Lift Enthusiasts Wikia Fandom

    This wiki is better than The Elevator Community Wiki. (PLEASE NOTE: this wiki is purely designed as a joke, dont take it to seriously!) Important Articles. Here are some very important articles that, unlike on the Elevator Community Wiki, actually contain correct information.

Elevator - Wikipedia

    An elevator (North American English) or lift (Commonwealth English) is a type of vertical transportation machine that moves people or freight between floors, levels, or decks of a building, vessel, or other structure. Elevators are typically powered by electric motors that drive traction cables and counterweight systems such as a hoist, although some pump hydraulic fluid to raise a cylindrical ...

Elevator Surfing! 1978 KONE traction elevator (mod by KONE ...

    Apr 10, 2015 · Elevator Surfing! 1978 KONE traction elevator (mod by KONE 2000) @ Unioninkatu 13, Helsinki, Finland Heritage Elevators. ... The motor and controllers of the passenger elevator have been replaced by KONE in 2000, furthermore an M-series chime has been added. The freight elevator is still completely original

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