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Everquest Classic Leveling Guide - Almar's Guides.com

    The goblins are best in this level range. Lake Rathe (Outside Killing) Solo/Boxer/Group moderately social - There are a few different camps all around the zone, will be a good place for a small group. South Karana (Field Killing) Solo/Boxer/Group antisocial - The aviaks aren't too bad for kiting in the upper end of this level range. They are ...

Deajay's AoE Bard Leveling Location Guide - EverQuest

    Sep 09, 2018 · Kiting gets slow from level 4 or 5 until level 8 because monster HP gets quite high relative to the 3 damage your Chords of Dissonance does without a stringed instrument - at this point, maybe do some single-target meleeing or group up. Once you hit 8, kiting becomes viable again. My bank bot did East Freeport newbie area strafe kiting from L1 ...

Wizard Soloing Guide by Level - Project 1999 Wiki - EverQuest

    Jun 11, 2019 · Freeport Guards- (solo) Frontier Mountains Great Divide- (quad kiting kodiak caves, did all of lvl 38 and 39 in one night getting almost 2 blue's per quad Drakkel Wolves, these guys are *cake* to quad at these levels, and pre-40 give 1.5 blue bubbles per pull Lower Guk Iceclad The Overthere- Solo or grouped - Sarnak Bezerkers, Thorney Succulents

Planes of Power Leveling Guide - Almar's Guides.com

    Paludal Caverns (Group/Solo/Boxer) Social Zone - The entrance of Paludal Caverns from Hollowshade Moors has mobs in the low teens that progressively get harder the closer you get to the Shadowhaven zoneline. A lot of lower level players come here and solo in hopes of getting into a bandit group. It may be worth your time to check it out!

Per-Level Hunting Guide - Project 1999 Wiki - EverQuest

    Jul 25, 2020 · There are 7 snakes, approximately level 30-32, non-aggro but social (all but these two can be pulled solo), 22 min respawn. They hit for a max of 70 and occasionally proc a weak poison DoT. They hit for a max of 70 and occasionally proc a weak poison DoT.

Everquest Leveling Guides

    The Broken Mirror Everquest Leveling Guide. Empires of Kunark Everquest Leveling Guide. Ring of Scale Everquest Leveling Guide . If you'd like to see every single zone in the game that I have a guide for, head over to my Everquest Index Page. I updated that page so that it has a link to almost every single EQ guide I have written; laid out for ...

Druid Leveling and Item Hunting Guide by ... - EverQuest

    May 18, 2020 · This guide will focus on solo XP though… so be sure to check the wiki, your guild or /who all ‘your current level’ to see where other characters are for group XP opportunities. Root/Rot - Druids have a good line of root spells, like Grasping Roots and have strong and mana efficient damage over time spells, like Breath of Ro .

Wizard Leveling Guide 1-65 - Graffë Forums

    Dec 31, 2003 · The Overthere- Solo or grouped Rathe Mountains- med/kiting Cyclops; Solo Cynthia gypsy camp near lake zone. 2 lvl 39 nukes will take her out. Hill Giants are fun, feels good to kill something that size. May have too much hp for your mana pool so get a group.

Soloing Timeline EverQuest 2 Wiki Fandom

    More than 20 solo instances are available, with sizes ranging from tiny to large. Solo Instances (levels 15-52) The adventure packs also contain several solo quests and instances.

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