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EverQuest II Kiting Guide GuideScroll

    Nov 15, 2011 · If your going to try to kite in runneye, or stomhold or any dungeon well your either suicidal or should be writing this guide yourself. Kiting is for outdoor areas. At first you may need a lot of open space to do so effectively. As you grow more accustomed you …

EQ:Kiting :: Wiki :: EverQuest :: ZAM

    Aggro kiting involves snaring a mob, and while keeping distance between the caster and the target, casting a series of death-over-time (DoT) and direct-damage (DD, nukes) spells on a target. With their specialty being in distance melee damage via bow and arrow, rangers often will snare a mob and use arrows to kite.

The Techie's Bard AE Kiting Guide - Project 1999 Wiki

    Jun 18, 2019 · The Steps to Successful AE Kiting 1) Start Selo's (and keep it up, recast if stunned) 2) Run around the zone picking up mobs of the same speed and preferably all the same type, if possible 3) Train the swarm to the general area you intend to kill them (pick a …

Necro Network: Kiting Guide

    This evolved from old method kiting: use just enough to get the job done, and save the mana. With the spells listed below, it takes a slightly different turn, that allows you to "necro swarm". For us, swarming is about 5-10 mobs, unlike a shadowknight trying to pull hundreds at a time.

The Intrepid Wizard's Guide - Project 1999 Wiki

    Jan 18, 2019 · Quad-Kiting and Tools of the Trade Quad-Kiting is a technique where you round up four of the same speed and preferably the same type/class of mob in to a tight group, then snare them with an AoE snare. To pull this off, you need to be able to kill all of those snared mobs before the snare wears …

EverQuest Necromancer Leveling Guide GuideScroll

    Kite the skunks, mushroom men, and bees, be careful though there is one named Bee that will spawn near the castle entrance that summons, other than that, everything in zone is pretty much kiteable. Plane of Justice off Plane of Tranquility: You can kite the guards, and anything in the cells on first level, also the cells on lower level basement.

Druid all-in-one guide by Gaviilan - Project 1999 Wiki

    Dec 03, 2019 · Well, a druid can do it and very well, at that. In order to do a quad kite safely, you need to be level 36 or higher and have at least 175 Wisdom or you will run out of mana before finishing the mobs. Quad-kiting before level 36 is fairly difficult, but it can be done. But for the purposes of this guide, I will focus on the level 36+ quad kite.

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